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What is Inclusive Education?

LSEN Support

Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN)

Learners with Special Education Needs also known as LSEN at Delta Primary Schools is a department and a specialist knowledge base that identifies and supports learners that have been identified as having specific learning difficulties and are not coping with the level of academics in their classrooms.

With the considerations of learning requirements, and with a collaborative process of consulting between the various stakeholders (Parents, teachers and LSEN Practitioner) they are given work at their level of understanding and work at their own pace, with guidance from a Specialist LSEN Class teacher as a support function.

It must be understood that Parents would be involved and no decisions regarding their children are made without a full understanding of this service offered by Delta Primary School.

Online Resources

Inclusive Education South AfricaDelta Primary School draws resources and best practises from INCLUSIVE EDUCATION SOUTH AFRICA who has been Promoting and Supporting Inclusive Education practices in South Africa Since 1995.

Our online resources relating to Understanding Barriers to Learning Fact Sheets are available online. 

Barriers to Learning Resources