Newsletter No 17 of 2023


On 7 June 2023 our grade 4-7 learners will sit for their June control tests. During this period we are imploring all our learners to make their necessary sacrifice to ensure that they are all prepared for the tests. All our learners MUST STUDY ! There is simply no direct way to elucidate this necessary action. Studying will ensure success at the end of the term.


During the course of this week the school took possession of a consignment of branded school bags. This wonderful gesture was well received by all our learners who were recipients of the donation. The consignment included reflective bibs which we distributed to our prefects in order to make the learners more visible while they perform their prefect duties.

We are appealing to our learners who have received the bags to mark the bags with their name ONLY. And, to ensure that the donation is well maintained for the duration of the 2023 academic year. I take this opportunity to thank the CSI section of Syntell for their kind gesture.


On Wednesday the 31 May 2023 we concluded the SGB bi -election. The independent electoral officer as well as the election observer have declared the election free and completed. We are thus able to inform you that after the votes were tallied the following parents have been elected to serve on the school governing body until March 2024. After which period new elections will be held for the period (March 2024 to March 2026).We congratulate the following parents: Mr Shamiel Afrika, Mr Irefaan Martin, Mr Nizaam van Graan and  Mrs Laesha Hamman. The newly elected members will be informed about the meeting date via the SGB secretary.


`Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.`-  Margaret J. Wheatley

Newsletter No 16 of 2023


On Thursday the 25th of May 2023, the staff and learners commemorated the 60th Anniversary of Delta Primary School. This is the first in many events planned for the school in 2023. Our two guest speakers Imam Homes and Ps Mark Killian graced us with their presence and spoke intensely to the learners about the power of knowledge. One of our learners Jacques Van Gee related the history of the school to all our learners. The programme was supported by our school choir as well as inputs from our grade 7 boys and girls. The pictures are snippets of the day.



Our grade 4 learners were at it again and decorated the foyer with their beautiful projects.


The office has dealt with many cases where learners report feeling light-headed and suffering of stomach cramps. Parents, please exercise diligence and precaution when dealing with this matter. If learners, prior to coming to school, indicate that their stomach is cramping and that they feel ill, please, refer to your local doctor or the Retreat day hospital. Far too many sick learners are sent to school and it would appear that the learners have informed their parents before coming to school that their stomach or head is in pain. As teachers and staff we have been cautioned and instructed that we may not dispense any form of medication to our learners. Parents, please assist in this regard.


“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.” – Bob Proctor

Newsletter No 15 of 2023


The foundation phase teachers organised the Annual Delta Primary internal spelling Bee. As of last year our teachers have implemented a set spelling lists which are given to our learners at the beginning of the term. The instruction is to memorise the words in preparation for a spelling bee evaluation. Classes of the same grade compete against one another in order to determine who the top spelling class is. The advantage of this style of learning is that the activity is inclusive as learners are able to help each other with the spelling of the words. In the same token it also addresses two values, namely, teamwork and excellence.


As part of a decision to celebrate the talent of learners we will be posting pictures of learner projects over a two week period. Our learners together with their parents put a tremendous amount of effort into projects which are part of the learners school based assessment (SBA). 


On Wednesday the 17 May 2023, the volunteers of WIZO together with the Union of Jewish Women of Cape Town visited the school and presented our school librarian a top up of much needed reading books. Parents are aware that one of the goals is to ensure that our learners have access to high quality reading material which is managed via our school library. As an extra bonus and sweet surprise the volunteers of the Union of Jewish Women also presented the school with a box of colourful beanies which will be distributed to our little ones.

The school also took ownership of a water pump that was kindly donated by Gill and Dave Raphael. It is our intention to install the water pump to be used as part of the irrigation system to utilise ground water to nourish our food garden.



It is extremely important that all learners make the necessary sacrifice and prepare well for the forthcoming examinations. As of the 7th of June 2023 all learners will be dismissed at 13:00 until the end of the examination period We once again appeal to all parents and transport providers to ensure that all necessary arrangements are made to ensure that all learners are collected within 10 minutes after the end of the day. You are requested to please monitor the following:

  • Learners  must study for the examination if they wish to experience a positive outcome after the examination.
  • Learners must get to bed early to ensure that they are alert during the examination.
  • Learners must have a good breakfast and lunch pack to fuel them for the day.
  • Learners must have writing equipment for the day.
  • Learners must reduce time spent on cell phones and electronic devices in order to focus while studying.
  • Learners must be at school everyday of the examinations

Parents, we have a role to play in this regard. We are confident that you will take all the necessary actions in this regard .


“Some things are believed because they are demonstrably true. But many other things are believed simply because they have been asserted repeatedly—and repetition has been accepted as a substitute for evidence.”- Thomas Sowell

Newsletter No 14 of 2023


Please be advised that approval has been granted for the closure of the school on the 18th of May for observation of Ascension Day.


The management, staff and learners of Delta Primary wish all our mothers a wonderful mother’s day. May you be showered with hugs and kisses.


With winter fast approaching we make the following appeal and recommendations

  • Learners who are displaying flu symptoms in the morning, vomiting or have upset stomachs must be retained at home and taken to the doctor. Learners must then return after they are healthy again. Teachers are not allowed to administer medication to learners. Learners are often sent to school only to be collected an hour later due to their illness, please assist in this regard.
  • Many learners walk to school and arrive soaked due to the rain. Lets consider having some extra clothes so that learners can change into dry clothes when they arrive at school.
  • All learners need a raincoat to keep their clothes dry.  


Our grade 3 had their opportunity to display their projects under the theme of insects. We thank the parents and learners for their super effort.


“ True heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life, in whatever shape they may challenge us to combat – Napoleon Bonaparte

Newsletter No 13 of 2023


Well done to the parents who interacted with the respective class teachers. We take cognisance of the reality that due to work commitments certain parents were not able to meet with the class teachers. It is important that the individual parents make contact with the teacher to arrange an appointment to discuss the academic progress of their child. Teachers are contactable via the whatsapp channel as well as the message book. We would also like to encourage our tech savvy parents to utilise the email platform to communicate with the teacher. All staff members have an email address attached to their person. Please enquire by the teacher of their individual email addresses if this is an avenue of communication you would prefer.

Below find the statistics of attendance for the one-on-one parent meetings held on the 3-4 May 2023

Grade Attendance % Grade Attendance %
RA 86 4A 71
RB 76 4B 74
RC 93 4C 66
1A 81 5A 72
1B 84 5B 61
1C 81 5C 52
2A 76 6A 65
2B 59 6B 78
2C 66 6C 54
3A 54 7A 70
3B 77 7B 66
3C 70 7C 56
7D 74


Our grade 2 learners really did us proud when they displayed their projects in the office foyer. Well done grade 2 !


Learners are reminded that they are required to be dressed in school uniform. Our foundation learners have responded to this call in vast majorities, displaying neat and consistent wearing of the uniform. 

I Am sure that you would agree what a beautiful sight it is to see when learners are dismissed and observers view learners in their school uniform.

We do note with concern that far too many senior learners are dressed with different colour hoodies and expensive takkies while their uniform is amiss. It would be so fantastic to see all our learners neatly dressed in school uniform as prescribed in the code of conduct. Some of the learner`s uniforms require to be stitched and repaired due to daily usage.

 We wish to remind all our parents that the school has introduced a lay-buy system for the purchase of school uniforms. This means that parents may indicate to the school the item they wish to purchase and may then reserve the item and pay off the account over 3 months and upon completion of the payment the uniform is issued to the child. Should this be an option you wish to explore, please make contact with the school secretary either via telephone or via a message in the message book indicating your intention to do a lay-buy.


The buzzword in education is constantly around the concept of holistic education. Which means, a child is given different platforms to express their competence and thereby experience success in this process of education.WE are embarking on the process of registering learners for participating in a variety of sports clubs at school. I wish to encourage our parents to assist in this regard by ensuring that each child  is registered for one of the following clubs at school

  • Table tennis (Gr 4-7)
  • Soccer (Gr 4-7)
  • Netball (Gr 4-7)
  • Dance (Gr 3-7) 
  • Choir (Gr 3-7)
  • Chess (Gr 4-7)
  • Gardening (Gr 6-7)
  • Creative writing programme (Gr 7)
  • Dare to Dream programme (Gr 7)



“Constantly think about how you could do things better. Keep questioning yourself“- Elon Musk