Last modified: 14 Jul 2020
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Dear Parent

It has come to our attention that some parents did not receive the application documents for their children to learn from home. Therefore we decided to upload for easier access. Kindly download the documents relevant to your application. Fill in the forms, attach any supporting documents and email them back the school

1. Annexure 1 (A) – Learner Risk Factors – This is the document that outlines the qualifying comorbidities are.

2. Annexure B (1) – Parents Application for exemption – Application for exemption of a learner not to attend school due to comorbidities.

3. Annexure B (2) – Parent Application for exemption- Application for exemption of a learner without comorbidity from school attendance.

4. Annexure C – Parent acceptance form – Parent Acceptance Form: To adhere to conditions for exemption from compulsory school attendance.

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