We take this opportunity to welcome all learners and stakeholders at the commencement of the 2023 academic year. Delta Primary School celebrates 60 years of existence. The school was established in 1963, and the founders of the organisation have laid a firm foundation that has stood the test of time.Celebrating the past is wonderful and allows us to be reflective and sentimental as we reminisce about past experiences. However, it is important that as a school we are forward thinking given how fluid the world has become. The school must be an organisation that is innovative and able to change given the context in which we deliver the curriculum. Our theme for the 2023 academic year shall be “ Celebrating 60 years of excellence`. It is under this banner that we shall interact with all our stakeholders. I ask all our teachers,parents and learners to unite under this theme in the interest of our school.


Our first parent teacher meeting is scheduled for Monday the 30 January 2023 @ 6pm in the main hall.After the general meeting parents will meet with the teachers in their classrooms, where specific information will be shared with parents. 


Please assist our teachers in this regard and ensure that all stationery indicated on the requirement list is purchased, to ensure that the business of education happens effectively.


The school uniform remains the pride of the school. It creates a sense of belonging and gives us a sense of pride. I wish to encourage all our parents to purchase the official uniform of the school at our school or place an order online via the schools online store. Uniforms may also be purchased from Yunisha Fashions in Grassy Park. The school secretary may be contacted for enquiries related to the school uniform. ONLY THE OFFICIAL SCHOOL DRESS AND TRACKSUIT shall be acknowledged as proper uniform. Past variations of the school uniform will unfortunately not be regarded as acceptable as this creates a disparate implementation of the affordable uniform we have implemented over several years. Based on the data and pricing Delta Primary`s uniform is still the most affordable across schools in our area. Parents must refer to the school code of conduct to verify that the uniform is correct for the appropriate season.


I am making a special appeal to all our wonderful parents to observe the following safety protocols which were introduced over many years to mitigate the possibility of acts of violence perpetrated against our children.

  1. To collect and drop- off learners at the gate and not in front of their individual classes. This measure has been introduced to limit the movement of visitors/adults onto the premises and also serves as a safety measure. Remember, the safety of all learners from Grade R to Grade 7 is our primary task and responsibility. 
  2. Make an appointment to speak to the class teacher after school, no parent will be allowed an audience with a teacher during contact time. In the case of an emergency parents are requested to speak directly to the Principal.
  3. Please do not be late when collecting your child, in particular in the Foundation Phase. Our loved ones should not be left wondering where their parents are.
  4. Please ensure that the learners are at school on time. The teaching of punctuality as a life skill is extremely important. Assist us so that we can uphold the motto “We Strive Forward “.
  5. Schools are deemed to be organisations and thus planning is of the utmost importance. Parents are kindly requested to phone the school to make an appointment to see the Principal / teachers. A written note sent via the child shall also serve as an acceptable means of communication. The WHATSAPP group shall be a platform for the teacher to communicate information of an ACADEMIC NATURE ONLY. INDIVIDUAL CASES AND CHALLENGES MUST BE ADDRESSED VIA THE MESSAGE BOOK OR WHATSAPP PRIVATELY TO THE TEACHER. Civility and decency at all times, shall be the foundation upon which the communication shall be based.


Changes to the official times shall be communicated via the newsletter

Grade R Monday to Thursday 08:00 to 13:00 Week 1: 11:30 

Week 2: 12:00

Week 3: normal times as indicated in the grid

Friday 08:00 to 12:20
Grade 1 – 2 Monday – Thursday 08:00 to 14:00
Friday 08:00 to 12:20
Grade 3 Monday – Thursday 08:00 to 14:20
Friday  08:00 to 12:20
Grade 4-7 Monday – Thursday 08:00 to 14:35
Friday –  08:00 to 12:20
Please note that all learners (Grade R -7) will be dismissed at 12:20 on a Friday. There will be no 2nd interval on a Friday.


Find below the official 2023 WCED school calendar.

Term Begins Ends No of Weeks No of schools days
First 16 January (educators)

18 January (learners)

31 March 11 53 (educators)

51 (learners)

Second 12 April 23 June 11 49
Third 18 July 29 September 11 52
Fourth 10 October 13 December (learners)

15 December (educators)

10 49 (educators)

47 (learners)

203 (educators)

199 (learners)


A diamond jubilee celebrates the 60th anniversary of a significant event related to a person or the 60th anniversary of an institution’s founding. The term is also used for 75th anniversaries, although the human lifespan makes this usage more common for institutions.