On 7 June 2023 our grade 4-7 learners will sit for their June control tests. During this period we are imploring all our learners to make their necessary sacrifice to ensure that they are all prepared for the tests. All our learners MUST STUDY ! There is simply no direct way to elucidate this necessary action. Studying will ensure success at the end of the term.


During the course of this week the school took possession of a consignment of branded school bags. This wonderful gesture was well received by all our learners who were recipients of the donation. The consignment included reflective bibs which we distributed to our prefects in order to make the learners more visible while they perform their prefect duties.

We are appealing to our learners who have received the bags to mark the bags with their name ONLY. And, to ensure that the donation is well maintained for the duration of the 2023 academic year. I take this opportunity to thank the CSI section of Syntell for their kind gesture.


On Wednesday the 31 May 2023 we concluded the SGB bi -election. The independent electoral officer as well as the election observer have declared the election free and completed. We are thus able to inform you that after the votes were tallied the following parents have been elected to serve on the school governing body until March 2024. After which period new elections will be held for the period (March 2024 to March 2026).We congratulate the following parents: Mr Shamiel Afrika, Mr Irefaan Martin, Mr Nizaam van Graan and  Mrs Laesha Hamman. The newly elected members will be informed about the meeting date via the SGB secretary.


`Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.`-  Margaret J. Wheatley