Dear parents, at this point in the term we can confirm that all learners have been issued with a programme of assessment for term 1, 2023 (all subjects and all grades). If you have not received your copy of the assessment programme please make contact with the class teacher to arrange for your copy of the assessment programme.


All learners have been issued with a collecting list as part of the voluntary donation list issued to all parents as a income generation stream for the school. Given our current economic situation both at school and domestically. I encourage all our parents to labour with diligence to ensure that we contribute positively towards the school`s fiscus. The much needed funds are disbursed to ensure quality education at our school.


Learners are reminded that they are required to be dressed in school uniform. Our foundation learners have responded to this call in vast majorities, displaying neat and consistent wearing of the uniform. I Am sure that you would agree what a beautiful sight it is to see when learners are dismissed and observers view learners in their school uniform. We do note with concern that far too many senior learners are dressed with different colour hoodies and expensive takkies while their uniform is amiss. It would be so fantastic to see all our learners neatly dressed in school uniform as prescribed in the code of conduct. Some of the learner`s uniforms require to be stitched and repaired due to daily usage.

We wish to remind all our parents that the school has introduced a lay-buy system for the purchase of school uniforms. This means that parents may indicate to the school the item they wish to purchase and may then reserve the item and pay off the account over 3 months and upon completion of the payment the uniform is issued to the child. Should this be an option you wish to explore, please make contact with the school secretary either via telephone or via a message in the message book indicating your intention to do a lay-buy.


Definition of bullying: a person who uses their strength or power to frighten or hurt weaker people.

We are appealing to all parents to speak to their child in the privacy of their home regarding bullying. As staff members we speak to the learners around this issue during the life skills lessons and constantly address it on the playground. Yet, a minority of learners persist in making vulnerable learners a victim of bullying by saying hurtful things that we believe is so completely unnecessary given the real purpose of schooling. 

Parents and the victims of bullying arrive at the school in tears and emotionally charged seeking a solution to a societal illness from the school and teachers. Often as parents we are surprised when it is our child who is the bully. 


It has been customary that the school makes its way to Allenby Drive in order to engage in the inter house athletics competition. However, due to the requirements for permits we are unable to continue with the venue usage. In spite of this head-wind we have made alternative arrangements to host the inter house at school on the 23 February 2023. (Only our grade 3 – 7 learners will be participating in the scheduled  events on the 23 February 2023.) 

Our grade R-2 will have a special sports festival day planned for 11 March 2023.

(In order to manage the inter-house planned for 23 February 2023 we are requesting that learners in grade R-2 remain at home on the 23 February 2023 as all staff members will be involved on the day. We are unable to accommodate parents on the day and appreciate your indulgence on this matter.)