It has been customary that the school makes its way to Allenby Drive in order to engage in the inter house athletics competition. However, due to the requirements for permits we are unable to continue with the venue usage. In spite of this head-wind we have made alternative arrangements to host the inter house at school on the 23 February 2023. Only our grade 3 – 7 learners will be participating in the scheduled  events on the 23 February 2023. 

We strongly recommend that learners run in takkies due to the slightly hard surface.  We also want them to take pride in the relevant ‘house’ they  represent and ask that they wear the colour of the ‘house’ as requested by their house master. 

Parents, please consider packing the following items for the day:

  1. a) sunblock
  2. b) water bottle
  3. c) cap

Above all all learners must bring a positive attitude and maintain good behaviour.

(In order to manage the inter-house planned for 23 February 2023 we are requesting that learners in grade R-2 remain at home on the 23 February 2023 as all staff members will be involved on the day. We are unable to accommodate parents on the day and appreciate your indulgence on this matter.)


It is extremely important that parents who wish to register their children for 2024 complete the online registration process. The link below will direct parents to the WCED website to commence registration. Parents who require assistance to register for grade R at Delta Primary may approach the school in the month of March. We shall communicate via the website of our intended plans to assist all parents. Learners who are currently in grade R ( 2023) will be offered first preference to the grade 1 (2024) class. Learners currently in grade 7 MUST apply online as soon as registration opens in March ( WCED admissions open on 13 March 2023 and close on 14 April 2023.)

Admissions 2022/23 | Western Cape Education Department


Dear parents please note the WCED attendance policy in relation to 10 consecutive school days absence which states:

“If the absence reaches 10 consecutive school days, the learner’s record in the class register must be cancelled on the grounds of continuous absence.“

We therefore remind all parents to ensure that learners are at school on a daily basis except on the occasions where learners are seriously ill are due to logistical arrangements for a particular cultural/sports day.


“A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change.” – Earl Nightingale