This is a gentle reminder to all parents that admissions for 2023 open on the 13 of March 2023. We are therefore encouraging parents who wish to enrol their learners in grade 1 for 2024 to ensure that they register online as soon as the admission window opens for applications.(the link below may be cut and paste into your web browser for easy access)


We are exceptionally fortunate that learners at Delta Primary have access to the school library. Learners are able to go to the library and borrow a library book of their choice for a period of two weeks. Thereafter they must return the book undamaged to enable them to sign out a new book. Learner`s are ably assisted by Mrs. August the school librarian who encourages and supports the culture of reading at school. All our learners are encouraged to strive for the goal of reading 40 books before the year is completed. The culture of reading is a discussion that must be kept alive in all our homes.


At the parent AGM held on the 30 January 2023. We indicated to parents that the school has introduced a grade 4 bridging class. The purpose of this class was to afford individual attention to learners who have achieved a code 2 in 2022 ( Grade 3),these grade 3 learners are currently in grade 4. The focus areas in line with the School Improvement Plan was to ensure that grade 4 learners are assisted with language and mathematical skills. The incumbent teacher does not replace the class teacher, but works in conjunction with the teacher and focuses on areas the identified learner is struggling with. The incumbent teacher is also able to develop the learner`s ISP ( Individual support plan).If your grade 4 learner has been identified, we are imploring you to give your full support for the benefit of your child’s academic progress. All grade 4 learners were issued with a special WCED booklet in relation to the bridging process. Please take the time to read and implement the strategies suggested in the booklet.

(The link below will take you to the WCED e-portal)


We are very pleased that our food garden is yielding a good harvest. The pictures below is an indication of the success of the food garden project.

The recent produce has been incorporated as part of the feeding scheme. We give Ps Jack all the accolades as he has spearheaded this project as a labour of love for 18 months and asking nothing in return. He remains an asset to the school on multiple levels. Parents who are able to connect us to funders to support the garden initiative are urged to make the necessary introductions and forward the links via a direct communication with the school.


On Saturday the 11th of March 2023, Delta Primary will have a foundation phase fun day ( grade (R-3). This is an open day for all parents of grade R-3 learners and we are encouraging parents to attend in support of their children. The teachers will be communicating operational plans and information during the course of the new week, please monitor the class whatsapp group chat.


`One day at a time is all we should be dealing with. We can’t go back to yesterday, we can’t predict tomorrow, so let’s live for today and make it beautiful. `Kelly Treehouse