It was with huge excitement that the foundation phase learners engaged in the fun day on Saturday the 11 March 2023. The learners and parents had a most enjoyable time with the music and the fun day activities. Our parents came in full support of their children and made sure that their little ones gave their very  best by cheering them on in each event.

To all the parents and family members who were present, thank you to all for the wonderful sportsmanship and camaraderie observed on the day.We have included some memories of the day.


It cannot be aerated enough, the importance of our learners to  read on a regular basis. We have observed many learners in all grades struggling with very basic reading skills. In most of the cases the learning barrier can be changed with consistent reading in class and at home. We therefore wish to implore all our boys and girls as well as our parents to encourage every child to read every single day ( Monday to Friday). 

It is a sad observation to see wonderful boys and girls who struggle academically, simply because they did not make the sacrifice to read more often. It is a life skill that if left unattended will come back to harm the academic development of any child. Parents, please speak about this in your family time.


Parents are reminded that we will have an extra long weekend as of the 17 March 2023. Learners are at home on the 20-21 March 2023 and return on the 22 March 2023 (Wednesday). Normal dismissal times will apply for the day.

ADMISSIONS 2023/2024

This is a gentle reminder to all parents that admissions for 2023 opened on the 13 of March 2023. We are therefore encouraging parents who wish to enrol their learners in grade 1 and 8  for 2024 to ensure that they register online as soon as possible.(the link below may be cut and paste into your web browser for easy access)

Our current Grade R parents are reminded to confirm that their child will be taking up their place in grade 1 , 2024 by filling in the reply slip supplied to your child.


We are encouraging all our boys and girls to finalise their collecting lists 2023 as the closing date is drawing to a close.(30 March 2023)

All learners have been issued a collecting list as part of our major fundraising effort for term 1,to raise much needed funds for the school. This year we have tweaked our collecting list to include the following prizes.

Category Lucky draw item
Learners who collect R 150 Will receive a chocolate and be entered into a draw to win a blue-tooth music box , we have managed to secure 2x music boxes which makes the competition and draw super exciting in this category.
Learners who collect R 250 Will receive a chocolate and be entered into a draw to win a bicycle to the value of R 1500
Learners who collect R 350 Will receive a Mc Donald`s Meal and be entered into a draw to win a 40“ LED TV
The class who collects the most money Each learner will receive a party pack
The learner who collects the most money  Will receive an electronic device


`If you can conceive it in your mind, then it can be brought to the physical world.` – Bob Proctor