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A Brief History

Delta Primary School have a rich history.  It officially opened its doors within the greater Retreat and Steenberg communities in 1963.

Delta Primary School was formerly known as Steenberg Number 5 because it was the fifth school to open in the area in April 1963. The school decided to rename itself Delta Primary School. “Delta” is the Greek number for four (4) and it was the fourth school built in the Steenberg area at the time. The school have dedicated and purposeful principals and educators of the past and present who persevere and esure that our learners are educated with the best principles and resources at our disposal, with the school’s motto “WE STRIVE FORWARD”

Delta’s first principal was Mr. EW Adams and one of his initial challenges was high learner numbers. The school opted for double-shift classes, as a means to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend the school. Mr. Adams left in December 1969 and Mr. W. van Beulen replaced him as Acting Principal until June 1970. In July 1970, Mr. PA Engel appointed principal of Delta Primary School. After serving the Steenberg community for 12 years, Mr. Angel retired in March 1982. Mr. JJ Geduld became the acting principal for the rest of that year. In January 1983, Mr. Y. Kader took over the reigns as new principal.

It was in his time when our school received our first ever educational computer system to help the learners. These computers are set up in a computer room. After 10 years of dedicated service, Mr Kader left Delta to work as an inspector for the Western Cape Education Department.

With schools reopening in January 1994, Mr. M. Henry, the then deputy principal at the school, left the responsibility of steering the boat. It was a difficult period in education as the new education system, OBE, was introduced in schools and it was fraught with many challenges. Through effective leadership and guidance at school, teachers were able to manage the accompanying stresses with much ease and success. Mr. Henry retired at the end of 2004 after 39 years of loyal service to the Steenberg community.  Mrs Jacobs was appointed Principal of Delta Primary School in 2005.  During her tenture as principal, challenges of social and domestic in nature manifested and forced the school management to focus not only on the broader educational issues, but also on these social impacts.  The school was also identified for a structural make-over and classroom additions. 

On 02 October 2014 the new additions to the school buildings and facilities were officially handover by Minister Debbie Schäfer. 

Mr Deon John took over as Acting Principal when Mrs Jacobs retired in 2014, and next in line is the current Principal, Mr Hiltom Palanyandi who was appointed in 2015.

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Foreword from our Principal

Our school has undergone an array of transformational phases since its inception in 1963.

Many dedicated leaders, teachers and learners have shaped how our school is perceived and interacted with by many stakeholders. Our school motto “We Strive Forward”  “Ons Strewe Voorentoe” has galvanised or collective efforts to ensure that we remain relevant as an organisation as we prepare our learners for a diversified future.

We have celebrated many achievements over the years and I am sure that our future will be even brighter. We have forged strong business and professional relationships with service providers and business partners whom we have taken along with us on this process.

I wish to encourage every learner at our school to set high standards and to believe in themselves. The opportunities presented to you at Delta Primary will certainly mould and forge you, for a future which will be challenging but equally exciting. Set goals and hold yourself accountable to achieve the goals you have set.

Yours in education

Mr H. Palanyandi


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