Newsletter 25 of 2020


Weekly attendance data – 2020.10.12 to 2020.10.16

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
391 381 412 382 289



Learner and parent details have become an absolute essential, never more so than amidst the pandemic. It would be marvellous if all parents ensure that their contact details are constantly updated via a message or note to the teacher. Updated parent details allow the school to communicate effectively with the parent-body. Please assist in this regard.


During our engagement with the Gr 7 learners we noted with concern that some parents have not made applications for their children at high schools for the 2021 school year. We want to encourage parents (who have not yet done so) to make contact with surroundings schools and make the necessary application(s) for their children for the 2021 school year. We encourage parents to apply to at least three schools, including their closest school, and to apply as early as possible – don’t wait until the last minute. It is essential that you as parent receive a letter confirmation of acceptance as a matter of urgency.


Parents be advised that we will issue term 3 reports in the 2nd week of term 4. We are utilising the available between now and the end of term 3 to give ALL our learners multiple opportunities to conclude formative assessments. Be reminded that ALL learners must complete assessment to validate progression at the end of the year.


Please be advised of an arranged pyjama day and cake sale for ALL learners. (Group 1, Tuesday 20th of October 2020 / Group 2, Thursday 22nd of October 2020)


We are tremendously concerned about the minority of learners who have not heeded the call to return to school. Numerous attempts have been made by staff members to establish contact without much success. We are appealing to all our parents, family members and community workers to encourage any learners at Delta Primary who have not returned to make the mind-shift and return to school with haste. The school has committed to LEAVE NO LEARNER BEHIND during this period. We however can only assist learners where contact has been made. An incredible disservice is done to our learners who do not attempt to make contact with the school (minimum 2-days per week)


We appreciate that during the lockdown period the flexibility we had with time management was not necessarily at the front of our mind. Schools are required to follow very strict screening processes even during level one. Given this context, we are strongly recommending that LEARNERS ARRIVE ON TIME, so as to facilitate the process of screening. School gates open at 7:30 am.


It is extremely important that parents check the school-website for regular updates with regards to academics, notices and urgent information. Be informed that the website is zero rated for the following service providers (Telkom, cell-C, MTN).

Admin related- ,

COVID related and emergencies –

Telephone No: 0217121737

TERM 4 – 2020

Term 4 commences on the 2nd of November 2020 and is concluded on the 15th of December 2020


Learners will be dismissed at 11:00 am on the 23 October 2020

Thought for the day

“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.” Jim Rohn

Newsletter No 24 of 2020

Newsletter No 24 of 2020.


Weekly attendance data

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
372 355 408 371 276

It has been encouraging to see that the attendance data has improved dramatically over the last few weeks. The regular attendance of learners is the only way to ensure that all our learners receive the contact time they require so that no child is left behind. The teachers can only assist our learners when learners are present.


Congratulations to the following learners who finally received their Spur Meals due to the extended lock down period.



The blended learning and teaching model (contact with the teacher and working at home) has been a huge challenge for all families. We wish to encourage learners and parents to make a concerted attempt to re-establish routines to ensure that learners experience some measure of structure during the remaining academic year. During our engagement with them we note with concern that many learners are tired and lethargic, in part due to retiring to bed far too late during the school week. Please assist in this regard by managing their attachment and fixation to social media, movies and games so that they have a reasonably balanced school week. It is important that learners and the family structure at home continues to support learners so that each child is given the best opportunity to be successful at school.


Parents be advised that we will provide a measure of reporting on the learners performance over the period that they have been at school. Learners will sit for formal examinations during term 4. Some sacrifice and diligence with respect to studying is expected from all our wonderful learners in preparation for this period.

Thought for the day.

“Success is due our stretching to the challenges of life, failure comes when we shrink from them” – John C Maxwell

Newsletter No 22 of 2020

Newsletter No 22 of 2020

Dear parents as you are well aware, the return to school for learners and teachers have been an extremely daunting task. As we attempt to balance the levels of anxiety and uncertainty, we are still tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that we deliver on our mandate to educate our learners. Our attendance data indicates that the call to return as per the rotational plan of attendance  Mon -Tues group 1, Wed  Thur group 2, rotational on Friday has disrupted the lives of parents and the households in general.

I write to you, to encourage you to ensure that your children attend each day that they are required to attend school. Notwithstanding the following context learners who are ill ARE ASKED TO REMAIN AT HOME UNTIL THEY ARE HEALTHY. Those who have had close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 individual to complete the mandatory 10-14 day isolation.

A minority of parents have opted not to send their children to school. This remains a parental decision, with the understanding that all requirements are fulfilled (details on the school website). Application for distance learning or for home-schooling has conditions and must be adhered to. We must bear in mind when making these decisions that we must fulfil all the criteria in this regard.

The remaining school terms viz term 3 and 4 terms have assessments attached to it. It is therefore extremely important that learners show good attendance in this regard. All teachers are required to assess learners in order to allow progression or promotion to happen by the end of the year. To date, we have not been informed that learners will automatically be promoted or progressed. In the absence of an official notice, we must therefore conclude that assessment activities must first be completed as per the assessment plan. Therefore please ensure that your child completes all the required assessments and that your child is present when a test must be written.

On the days that learners are not at school, they are required to continue with school work and assessments as indicated by the teacher.

We are also encouraging all our parents to make a concerted effort to interact with the school online presence as this will be the direction our school will be moving in the years ahead.

The staff and SGB of Delta Primary wish each family connected to our school much health and strength in these very challenging times.

Newsletter No 21 of 2020

Newsletter No 21 of 2020

Learner Attendance

Weekly attendance data

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
325 319 303  P/Holiday  130

Assessment and Progression

Please, be informed that learners must complete assessments to determine whether they shall be progressed to the next grade. As yet, we have not been informed of anything to the contrary.

Implementation of School Uniform

Please, be advised that learners may wear their school uniform once in the rotation as of October 2020. This means that a learner in group 1 may wear their uniform on a Monday and a learner in group 2 may wear their uniform on Wednesday.

Implementation of Intervals

Be advised that teachers will manage the implementation of a 15 min interval outside of the class as of October 2020. All COVID protocols will be observed as learners will be able to step outside per grade while maintaining social distance.

Heritage Day

Delta Primary extends appreciation and gratitude to GEM, LOSTAD MVC and RETROFIT for the awesome donation of soup and bread on Heritage Day. These organisations together with staff members sacrificed their time to serve the community in the spirit of community-building amidst very challenging times. we salute you!

Some Positive Reflections During this Pandemic – Positive Thought Model

  • Cases of bullying and name-calling have all but evaporated.
  • Incidents of fighting and learners being nasty to each other have not been reported.
  • Overcrowded classes – non-existent.
  • Teachers using their confidential voice when interacting with learners on the increase.
  • Unnecessary disruptions limited.
  • Emphasis on a hygienic classroom and ablution facilities for learners due to COVID-19.
  • Reduction in noise levels during dismissal of learners.


Access to Internet

Parents and stakeholders of Delta Primary, be advised that all can access 3 gigs of free data when logging into the liquid hotspot situated near the entrance of the school. This will give parents an opportunity to download the schools’ newsletter to your mobile device.

Screening Questions

  1. Do you have a cough?
  2. Do you have a fever?
  3. Do you have a shortness of breath?
  4. Do you have a sore throat?
  5. Within the last 14 days, did you have direct contact with someone known to have contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

We have detected that learners fail the screening questions 24 hours before coming to school. Parents, please assist by not sending learners to school if they answer no to any of the questions. We have also noted learners PURPOSEFULLY attempting to fail screening and develop highly imaginative answers when being screened. Parents, please address these matters at home. We thank all our parents for their continued support during these extremely challenging times. Bear with us, it will get better.

Admin related- ,,

COVID related and emergencies –

Telephone No: 0217121737

Thought for the day:

“Never make a permanent decision about a temporary situation.”TD – Jakes”

Newsletter No 23 of 2020

Newsletter No 23 of 2020

Learner Attendance

Weekly attendance data

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
343 329 374 294  209

Assessment and Progression

Be advised that learners must complete assessments to determine whether they shall be progressed to the next grade. As yet, we have not been informed of anything to the contrary. Under level 1, all learners are required to return to school except the learners who have officially applied for home schooling with the WCED

Implementation of Uniform

Please be advised that learners are required to wear their school uniform once in the rotation as of the 5th of October 2020. This means that a learner in group 1 may wear their uniform on a Monday and a learner in group 2 may wear their uniform on Wednesday.

Closure of the Grade R Class

Be advised that the grade 4 Afrikaans class shall be discontinued at the end of the academic year. Parents and learners have been informed of this development via class communication. The option of language change or school transfer (parental responsibility) has been afforded to the affected parents.

Planned Fundraising Events

Parents, as you are aware the school has not generated any form of income via fundraising events. This has put the school in dire financial straits. As of October we shall resume the following fundraising activities:

Re-opening of the tuck- shop (mobile tuck shop)

The sale of hot-dogs

The fundraising committee engaged in a strategy meeting during the course of the week and shall present plans for continued fundraising until the end of the academic year. We thus call on our parents and families to support these fundraising initiatives in the interest of the school.

Thought for day

“We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives. We must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live our dreams.“-  Les Brown


Newsletter No 20 of 2020

Newsletter No 20 of 2020

 In this Article read about
  • Revised 2020 School Calendar Terms (Correct As Of 2020.09.18)
  • Level One Restrictions
  • Learner Attendance
  • Collection of Learners
  • Arrival at School
  • Learner Email Addresses
  • Communication Platforms

Thought for the day:  “Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.- Les Brown”

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Newsletter No 20 of 2020

Kind Support and Sponsorship

Kind Support and Sponsorship

Pastor Joe and Elizabeth were kind sponsors treating some 400 learners on 08 September 2020 and providing

  • Burger and chips
  • fruit & Sweets

We wish to thank them for putting much-needed smiles on the faces of our learners during these times.  The Delta Primary School Community appreciates your support.

GEMS Handing Over  Relief Parcels

GEMS Handing Over  Relief Parcels

Once again GEMS our partners assisted and supports the Delta Primary School Community in need.  This time by handing over relief parcels for a family where the homes were destroyed in Cafda Estate. The learners attend our school.  In the package were groceries and clothes as the family lost all their possessions.

We wish to express our appreciation for your continued support and assistance.

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