The weekend of 18 – 19 September 2021 is earmarked for the IEC local government registration weekend for all provinces. The Delta school hall will also serve as a registration venue as in the past. The registration should occur between 8 am and 5 pm over the two days. The IEC officials have made contact with the school and made arrangements for the sanitizing and defogging of the voting area which will commence at 1 pm on Friday the 17th of September. All eligible voters are encouraged to register and then cast their votes on 1 November 2021


The amount of creativity displayed by our learners was quite interesting and good for the senses. During the course of the week, teachers displayed the learner`s work in the office foyer and everybody was able to observe the wonderful pieces of original art created by our learners. We must once again thank our parents who wonderfully supported their children to complete these projects as part of their assessment.

See below  pictures  depicting the Grade R, Grade 1, and Grade 3 projects for term 3



Five of our learners were recipients of new school shoes, an initiative implemented by staff members in 2020. During the course of this week, 3 girls and three boys received a new pair of school shoes during a handover from the wellness committee. The acts of generosity displayed by the wellness committee can truly be labeled as going beyond the call of duty for the past 2 years. The ladies (staff members) have done a sterling job ever since the inception of learner wellness. Their activities thus far have included: The Santa Box drive in 2020, which the group is hoping to repeat with your support, clothing drive, shoe drive, and the soup drive. Below is a picture showing the contents of the Santa Box. Should any company or individual be in a position to help and contribute please make contact with the school.

                                                                                                                               see soup pack below sent to classes


2021/09/13 1 477 419 59
2021/09/14 1 477 418 60
2021/09/15 2 473 416 57
2021/09/16 2 473 422 51
2021/09/17 1 477 419 x

We are extremely proud of our boys and girls who, after repeated encouragement, made their way to school. From the data one can see that absenteeism has slightly decreased, more than likely due to the requirement of being at school during the assessment period. We however must continue to encourage each and every child to attend school regularly amidst the many challenges we are currently facing.

Thought for the day

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” – Thomas Edison


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