A special welcome to all parents and learners at the beginning of the 2024 academic year! All our learners have settled in beautifully and we anticipate a very productive first term. The grade R parents who enrolled their little ones were absolutely fantastic as of 08.30,the school was able to commence. We are extremely impressed with the level of maturity shown by the parents and this can only serve as a positive platform for our interactions. As this is the beginning of the academic year, it is our sincere desire to ensure that all our learners put their best foot forward and show what positive girls and boys they can be.




The school values must be espoused by all who interact with the school. We therefore wish all staff members, learners and parents to display the following organisational values.







The school requires that the items on the school stationery list which was issued with the report be attended to as a matter of urgency. If everything has already been attended, we then express our thanks and appreciation for your diligence. Learners have been issued with all writing materials, pens, pencils etc. This is to ensure that day 1 commences effectively. 


Please, be advised that we will have our first mandated parent AGM on Monday the 29 January 2024 @ 18h00 in the Main Hall. We would like all our parents to be in attendance as important information will be shared with you. 


We wish to make a special appeal to all our parents to ensure that our learners are supported when they bring school work home. Learners will remain motivated and focused, if parents show an active interest in the academic progress of the learners. 

Challenges in human relationships must be addressed openly, fairly and honestly with the focus on solving the problem and not escalating the problem. 


All parents are required to observe the following procedure when interacting with the school.

  1. To collect and drop- off learners at the gate and not in front of their individual classes. This measure is to limit the movement of visitors onto the premises and also serves as a safety measure. Remember, the safety of all learners from Grade R to Grade 7 is our primary task and responsibility. 
  2. Make an appointment to speak to the class teacher after school only, no parent will be allowed an audience with a teacher during contact time. In the case of a life threatening emergency, parents are requested to speak directly to the Principal. All parents must be dressed in `day clothes`, an audience will not be granted to a parent clothed in pajamas.
  3. Please do not be late to fetch your child, in particular in the Foundation Phase. Our loved ones should not be left wondering where their parents are.
  4. Official times for opening and closing of the school gates. Gates open at 07.30 am and gates are closed at 16:00 Monday to Thursday, Friday @ 14:00
  5. Late-coming by learners remains a challenge; please ensure that the learners are at school on time!
  6. Meetings with the school principal will transpire after an appointment has been made which was confirmed by Ms. V Jacobs the admin clerk, only. Appointments will transpire from Monday – Thursday 09.00 am to 11.00 only.


Voluntary contributions to the school fundraising is essential for the successful management of the school. The school is not spared of costs related to water, electricity, stationery purchases for learners and maintenance of the school building. Your monetary contributions to the school will assist the school to maintain a healthy balance sheet.


The school uniform remains the pride of the school. We wish to encourage all our parents to purchase the official uniform of the school. Please, come and speak to the secretary to order the uniform so that all our learners can be Proudly Delta!


Be reminded that newsletters are available on the school`s website every Friday @ deltaprimary.org.za. Parents are able to register on the website to receive the newsletter. The newsletter informs all stakeholders of relevant information in relation to school activities.

Teachers will make use of a message book to keep parents updated about specific class information. All messages to teachers must be written in the child’s message book. 


Parental involvement in the governance of your child’s school  is a Constitutional right afforded to all eligible parents under the South African Schools Act. Governance broadly involves, attending mandatory meetings, serving on the fundraising committee, serving on disciplinary structures, assisting the school to develop networks to the benefit of all the learners. I wish to encourage parents who believe that they can make a positive contribution to the school to avail themselves to serve on the School Governing Body. New governing Body elections are scheduled for March of this year. An official notification will follow soonest.


Thought for the day: ‘Life isn`t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself `- Anonymous