We welcome all our learners and teachers back after the school vacation. We look forward to a constructive term and appeal to all our parents to assist to ensure that the core business of education is prioritised in the lives of their children. Please, examine and discuss the contents of the first term report with your child, giving praise where deserved and encouragement where needed.

The second term is one of two examination terms for grades 4 to 7 learners. Learners should apply themselves to ensure that they keep books up to date, complete tasks, homework and come to school ready to learn. Learners who sacrifice time  and apply themselves can expect a good report at the end of the term. Staff members have engaged in several meetings as we reflect on the past term and gear up towards delivering on the curriculum.

With regards to curriculum matters, we wish to urge all our boys and girls to focus on the task at hand and make the necessary sacrifices to achieve better results in term 2. Our school value of EXCELLENCE must be seen in the things we claim as a school. Excellence is our core value, then boys and girls, we must demand of ourselves to constantly improve academically.


Learners are discouraged from bringing cellphones to school. Should a learner require to have a cell-phone due to a transport arrangement, this must be communicated to the office. The cellphone must be handed – over at the Principal office. The secretary will place the cell- phone in an envelope, clearly mark the envelope with the learners` name and grade and return it to the child at the end of the day. No human resources will be directed to the investigation of a lost or damaged cell phone if the cell phone policy has not been adhered to.


As we are approaching winter, please be reminded that hooded tops are not part of the official school dress code. Learners are discouraged from wearing such clothing items to school. Please, assist in this regard by ensuring that all our learners are neatly dressed for school.


We have planned our parent one-on-one meetings for the month of May, in order to communicate information pertaining to specific grades. All parents will receive timeous notification in this regard.


Find below the 2021 Systemic results for the grade 3 and 6 class of 2022

Grade 3 Province  School
English home language 38.5 38.1
Mathematics  47.3 80.5
Grade 6
English home language 36.1 14.6
Mathematics  39.4 17.7

Following our staff briefing, we have identified areas for development and improvement which we intend actioning in term 2. We are also detecting a general sense of apathy amongst some of our learners in relation to scholastic improvement. Simply put, some of our learners simply fail to study, do homework and make the necessary sacrifices to improve scholastically. We are encouraging all parents to engage their children around the value of education and zone in on areas that require attention. Teachers are a valuable resource and we request that you seek their assistance where required.


Event Date  Time arrangements
Aquarium outing 19 April
Eid 22-23 April
McDonalds treat for Top Collectors – R350 and upwards collected 26 April 
Freedom Day 27 April School closure
Workers Day 1 May School closure
Workers Day 1 May School closure
Parent teacher Meetings 3-4 May  Learner dismissal at 12.30
Ascension Day 18 May School closure
Formal assessments 22 May
Last day term 2 – collection of reports 23  June 11:00 dismissal – all learners
Please be advised that if changes are required to the term planner , that parents will be notified via the weekly newsletter.




“All the scholastic scaffolding falls, as a ruined edifice, before one single word — faith.”Napoléon Bonaparte