On Monday the 10th of May 2021, the representatives of Colgate Pty, delivered a consignment of toothpaste and toothbrushes to Delta Primary. The toothbrushes were earmarked for the Foundation Phase ( Grade R-3 ). The purpose of the donation was to encourage oral hygiene as part of a healthy lifestyle choice. In the grades R-3 under the Life skills subject, the topic of healthy living is addressed as part of the curriculum. Learners are encouraged to take good care of their teeth by regularly brushing their teeth.


We are looking at a plan to meet with parents in each grade during this term. In this planning we need to consider, that when we call meetings, that all COVID protocols must be adhered to.This is paramount. We will, however, inform you of the specific dates applicable to your child.


Parents, be advised that under the new regulations schools were advised to cautiously re-introduce extra-murals after school. As a school we are treating the introduction of extra-mural activities with the necessary caution given our current situation. Organised sports bodies have also cautioned the school to introduce organised sports with circumspection due to the nature of sports and adhering to social distance. We take cognisance that some sports are able to happen while providing for 1m social distance while other sports codes do not allow for 1m social distancing. We shall keep your updated in this regard.


During the National Lockdown we experienced the challenge of effectively communicating with all our parents and learners. Many of the contact details on record were outdated or not operational.It was a huge challenge  getting messages and important notices to our parents. We relied on word of mouth, notices on the fence, WHATSAPP and chance encounters with parents as they collected their children. In order to get ahead of similar events in the future and in order to make preparation for the 4th industrial revolution we are forging a new communication platform with enhanced features going forward.The following digital platforms are available 

  • The school website –
  • The school face-book acc – 
  • Learner email addresses – please contact the teacher to ascertain the learners new email address 
  1. Log on to gmail using the internet explorer.
  2. Type in your child’s email address
  3. Use the default password : Delta1234#
  4. You will be prompted to change the Password. Choose a relatively secure password using names, capital letters, numbers and special characters. Ensure that you save the password and keep it in a secure place. Should you lose the password please contact the teacher.

Accessing and registering for the school`s newsletter

  1. Access the schools website by navigating to
  2. Navigate to My account.
  3. Register with the learners email address, you may also register with your own email address.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox to complete the registration process. Ensure that you confirm the email. 
  5. You may also register your own email address. However, please ensure that you confirm your subscription to the newsletter by checking your  email inbox.

Thought for the day

“ The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams“ – Eleanor Roosevelt

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