Parents, please ensure that you have received an indication and responded to the teachers notice indicating time slots in relation to the parent teacher one-on-one meetings for term 2, scheduled for the 3-4 May 2023. We acknowledge that due to unforeseen circumstances , some parents will not be able to meet with the respective teachers. In this instance, the teachers will make contact with you to book an appointment as a matter of urgency before the end of the 2nd term 2023.


See below the changes as of 2023, in relation to school based assessment (SBA)

Foundation (Grades R-3) 100% SBA 100% SBA
Intermediate (Grades 4-6) 80% (SBA): 20% (Examinations)
Senior (Grades 7-9) 60% (SBA): 40% (Examinations)

Implications are listed below

a) continuation of the mid-year/June controlled tests in Grades 4−9;

b) a controlled test in Grades 4−6 for the end of the year; and

c) a reintroduction of the end-of-year full-scale examinations in Grades 7−9 for all subjects.

d) The content of the controlled tests must be based on work done stipulated in the Recovery ATPs (Annual Teaching Plans). In principle, the June controlled test should cover work from Terms 1−2 and the end of year-examination should cover work from Terms 3−4, unless the subject ATP specifies inclusion of content from other terms.


It is extremely important that all our learners accept that regular school attendance is vital in order to consistently improve academically. We wish to highlight that all learners must be at school for the 5 days as required by the SASA. We are also aware that certain actions must be followed in order to enhance the process of learning throughout the child’s school career.

  • Regular checking and signing of books and completion of homework and assignments.
  • Ensuring that learners get to bed on time.
  • Ensuring that learners arrive at school on time.
  • Ensuring positive communication between parent and teacher.
  • Interacting with the teacher on academic matters.
  • Ensuring that learners are well groomed on a daily basis.
  • Reminding our children that school and learning is an important part of developing into a citizen that can contribute positively to our society.


Our Top collectors were treated on Wednesday the 26 April at school with a Mc Donald`s Meal. The pictures below give some indication of their levels of excitement.


The Grade R and 1 learners proudly displayed their projects on Monday 24 April 2023 in the school foyer. The projects were under the banner of “ MY FAMILY TREE“. The pictures below reflect their stunning works of art.



Learners in grade 6 and 7 recently competed in the reading competition hosted at the Retreat Public Library on Tuesday the 25 April 2023. Our learners walked away with some prizes. Pictured from left to right back row (Mrs N August and Jamie- Lee Adams) front row from left to right (Danielle Paulse, Shaniqua van Wyk, Zackery Blankenberg, Tamia Esau and Jacques Van Gee). Shauniqua Van Wyk  ended the competition in second place receiving the award for Afrikaans reading. Each learner received a goodie bag for their sacrifice on the day.


“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” – Nelson Mandela.