Well done to the parents who interacted with the respective class teachers. We take cognisance of the reality that due to work commitments certain parents were not able to meet with the class teachers. It is important that the individual parents make contact with the teacher to arrange an appointment to discuss the academic progress of their child. Teachers are contactable via the whatsapp channel as well as the message book. We would also like to encourage our tech savvy parents to utilise the email platform to communicate with the teacher. All staff members have an email address attached to their person. Please enquire by the teacher of their individual email addresses if this is an avenue of communication you would prefer.

Below find the statistics of attendance for the one-on-one parent meetings held on the 3-4 May 2023

Grade Attendance % Grade Attendance %
RA 86 4A 71
RB 76 4B 74
RC 93 4C 66
1A 81 5A 72
1B 84 5B 61
1C 81 5C 52
2A 76 6A 65
2B 59 6B 78
2C 66 6C 54
3A 54 7A 70
3B 77 7B 66
3C 70 7C 56
7D 74


Our grade 2 learners really did us proud when they displayed their projects in the office foyer. Well done grade 2 !


Learners are reminded that they are required to be dressed in school uniform. Our foundation learners have responded to this call in vast majorities, displaying neat and consistent wearing of the uniform. 

I Am sure that you would agree what a beautiful sight it is to see when learners are dismissed and observers view learners in their school uniform.

We do note with concern that far too many senior learners are dressed with different colour hoodies and expensive takkies while their uniform is amiss. It would be so fantastic to see all our learners neatly dressed in school uniform as prescribed in the code of conduct. Some of the learner`s uniforms require to be stitched and repaired due to daily usage.

 We wish to remind all our parents that the school has introduced a lay-buy system for the purchase of school uniforms. This means that parents may indicate to the school the item they wish to purchase and may then reserve the item and pay off the account over 3 months and upon completion of the payment the uniform is issued to the child. Should this be an option you wish to explore, please make contact with the school secretary either via telephone or via a message in the message book indicating your intention to do a lay-buy.


The buzzword in education is constantly around the concept of holistic education. Which means, a child is given different platforms to express their competence and thereby experience success in this process of education.WE are embarking on the process of registering learners for participating in a variety of sports clubs at school. I wish to encourage our parents to assist in this regard by ensuring that each child  is registered for one of the following clubs at school

  • Table tennis (Gr 4-7)
  • Soccer (Gr 4-7)
  • Netball (Gr 4-7)
  • Dance (Gr 3-7) 
  • Choir (Gr 3-7)
  • Chess (Gr 4-7)
  • Gardening (Gr 6-7)
  • Creative writing programme (Gr 7)
  • Dare to Dream programme (Gr 7)



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