It was a wonderful sight to see parents making contact with the relevant teachers to discuss the business of education. To parents who for unforeseen circumstances could not make contact with the respective teachers. Let’s make contact with the teacher before the end of the term.


We are pleased to report that all our senior learners were part of an anti bullying programme on Wednesday the 8 May 2024. The programme was hosted by FCS Wynberg. Bullying causes an unnecessary tense atmosphere at school and the perpetrators must therefore be made aware that their actions have consequences. `Captain Bully Buster` took the learners through the programme and the message was well received by all in attendance . each learner was issued with a `constable bully buster badge` 


Over the course of this week and next week. The girl child at Delta Primary will be embarking on an intervention programme to empower parents as well as their girl child. One of the sessions I observed was the group of girls acting out the outcome of receiving bad information via passing on a message. It is our hope that the empowerment programme will lead to a girl who is self-confident amidst the contextual challenges they face on a daily basis.


By the time you read Newsletter No 14 of 2024, all learners in grade 4-7 would have received a copy of the examination roster.Our examinations are scheduled to commence on the 27 May 2024  and shall be concluded on the 3 June 2024. It is extremely important that all learners make the necessary sacrifice and prepare well for the forthcoming examinations.As of the 27 May 2024, all learners will be dismissed at 13:00. We once again appeal to all parents and transport providers to ensure that all necessary arrangements are made to ensure that all learners are collected within 10 minutes after the end of the day.You are requested to please monitor the following:

  • Learners must study for the examination if they wish to experience a positive outcome after the examination.
  • Learners must get to bed early to ensure that they are alert during the examination.
  • Learners must have a good breakfast and lunch pack to fuel them for the day.
  • Learners must have writing equipment for the day.
  • Learners must reduce time spent on cell phones and electronic devices in order to focus while studying.
  • Learners must be at school everyday of the examinations

Parents, we have a role to play in this regard. We are confident that you will take all the necessary actions in this regard. 


What animal is black and white and blue ?

Our brain teaser for Newsletter No 13 of 2024 has not been claimed. The learner with the correct answer must claim their prize as soon as they have the correct answer.


`Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today`- Will Rogers