This is a gentle reminder to all our parents that the school is entering into the formal assessment period (examinations) as of 24 May 2024 as per examination roster. As in previous communications, we cannot emphasise the importance of the June examination especially for the current grade 7 learners. All our learners must focus their attention on studying diligently and laying off the activities that cause immense distraction i.e cell phones, television and dawdling around. Parents play a crucial role in this regard as you hold the levers of influence within the home. Let’s also ensure that our children are at school on a daily basis.

Learners will be dismissed at 1pm as of the 24 May – 13 June 2024 and @ 11.00 am on the 14 June, the last day of the term. All term 2 reports will be issued on the 14 June 2024


Over the past few days, many learners were required to leave the school early due to a `stomach bug`. The intention of sharing this information is not to create fear but to request all parents to monitor their children’s health before sending their child to school. 

It is important that when a child has a serious stomach with an accompanying headache, that parents retain the child at home until the symptoms have subsided. It is always ill-advised to send a child to school who has a headache after the child has indicated this to you as the parent.

As parents, we also know our children and when they intend to manipulate the situation , so let’s be on our guard for this as well.


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