After nearly 34 years of teaching Miss Webb has reached the season of retirement. Miss Webb officially retires on 30 June 2021 and it is appropriate to render appreciation and thanks to our colleague who has served Delta Primary with distinction and loyalty. Like all things in life, the one constant remains; that all things change, and that we adapt to the changes that life brings. She is known for her quiet and professional approach to all whom she has interacted with over the years. For many years she has inculcated a profound dedication to all learners who had the privilege of receiving and accepting tutelage from her. Many past learners have gone on to improve their economic and social value in part due to the positive influence she had in their lives. I am convinced that Delta Primary and the surrounding community is a better place due to her positive and disciplined approach to the business of education. On behalf of all past learners, parents, teachers and the School Governing Body we extend all of our best wishes and wish her a well-deserved rest. The present staff will surely miss her vibrancy and collegiality which will leave a massive void to fill.


Delta bids farewell to Miss H Ely the LSEN teacher who has been part of the staff for 4 years officially. Miss Ely looks towards extending her teaching prowess abroad. We are aware that decisions of this nature are never easy and thus she can be assured that we wish her well in her educational journey. She has approached the teaching of learners with dedication, passion and calmness. She is the consummate professional, with a fine eye for detail, and her input in all matters related to learning support will surely be missed. We take this opportunity to thank her and behalf of all the learners and parents and the School Governing Body whom she has assisted while being part of the learning support faculty. We wish her a safe journey and everything of the best!


The regular attendance of learners has been aerated over many newsletters and on various platforms which include parent meetings and class Whatsapp groups. Currently, the absentee rate is hovering around 17% which is alarming and cause for concern. The consistent non-attendance of learners who ought to be present on a rotational system is creating a barrier to learning which can be mitigated by parents ensuring that learners are at school when they are required to be here. The school acknowledges that the current rotational attendance system, has caused some disruption to work routines, it is however a reality that all parents are grappling with. Regular rotational attendance to school while challenging must be supported to ensure that learners do not fall behind with schoolwork and homework. Parents are obliged to send their children to school as per WCED regulations. Find below an extract from the South African School Act (SASA)

SASA Chapter 2

Compulsory attendance

3.1 “ Subject to this Act and any other provincial law, every parent must cause every learner for whom he or she is responsible to attend a school from the first school day of the year in which such learner reaches the age of seven years until the; last school day of the year in which such learner reaches the age of fifteen years or the ninth grade whichever comes first.

(6) a Subject to this Act and any other applicable law – any parent who, without just cause and after written notice from the Head of Department, fails to comply with subsection (1) is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months;


Far too many of our learners are arriving late to school, on a regular basis. We wish to encourage our parents to look into this matter with urgency and see how best you can support your child to arrive on time so that teaching and learning can happen as per our school programme. Arriving on time to school will also send a clear message that education is important to ensure a “better life“

The 5 Golden Rules

At Delta, we have placed as many mitigating protocols in place in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus. Notwithstanding the litany of protocols we have introduced, we are cognizant that we cannot give assurances of safety and protection from infection, but shall endeavour to ensure that our protocols are in place as per WCED guidelines.  We must, however,  be vigilant at all times whether at school or in the general public by ensuring that we adhere to the 5 golden rules.

To prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19 in schools

  1. Separating yourself physically from other people.
  2. Physical distancing when around other people (1.5 m – apart)
  3. Hand-washing and sanitizing (every hour)
  4. Practising good hygiene (coughing, sneezing into elbow or tissue)
  5. Using a face cloth (A MUST FOR BEING AT SCHOOL). 


Parents are reminded that the front gates open at 7.30 to commence covid screening for learners and the gates officially close at 16:00 Monday to Thursday and at 14.30 on Friday


Be advised that the community outreach committee has started preparations for the Santa Shoebox Drive



Be advised that learners in grade 3 to 7 will be dismissed at 14.00 on Wednesday ( 30 June 2021)  and Thursday ( 1 July 2021) only,  due to the retirement and farewell of teaching staff. Please inform all transport providers of this times change

Thought for the day

`I don`t believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book` – JK Rowling

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