While taking the time to complete the end of term reflection, I considered the amount of individuals who play such a vital part in making our school function effectively and with a level of sophistication. The amount of moving parts within the school has over time increased substantially, however amidst the many challenges the school is still able to fulfil its mandate of providing quality education for each child. It is indeed an honour and privilege to be a team member amongst individuals who share the same thought process. Which is, to create and provide our learners with a sensible and acceptable standard of education and to fight off the fetters of mediocrity in all its forms.

 So, in starting this reflection I express appreciation to each staff member, assistant and business partner for their loyal commitment to this wonderful organisation.

  • The appointment of the food gardener has assisted the school greatly to ensure that our food garden continues to yield the necessary produce. I note that some of our learners have opted to be part of the food garden project. This is indeed wonderful and we will continue to encourage our boys and girls.
  • The offering of extra-mural activities was well received by all our learners and it reminds all stakeholders that our learners need a holistic experience at school.
  • The kind donation of library books, beanies and an irrigation pump for the food garden was graciously received during the second term from WIZO and The Union of Jewish Women of Cape Town.
  • Class teachers were able to engage our parents to discuss the business of education.
  • Our vulnerable learners were treated to a warm meal on a daily basis by dedicated personnel in the kitchen.
  • Appreciation and thanks to Carmen Stevens Foundation for their continued support of our kitchen. Their monthly donations arrive at the school over and above what is supplied by the feeding scheme. Currently the school accommodates 420 children as part of the feeding scheme. Any child may participate as part of the feeding scheme programme, as they currently do.
  •  The 60th anniversary assembly for all our learners was held on the 25th of May. Our two guest speakers , Ps Mark Killian and Imam Holmes did a sterling job reminding our learners that education brings light to spaces of darkness.
  • Syntell`s kind donation of school bags to learners was well received and we were able to assist those learners who were in desperate need of a school bag.
  • The school hosted spelling bees in various formats in each grade during term 2.The spelling bee allows  many learners to engage with vocabulary and spelling as well as part of an incidental learning experience while  being part of a team.


Our learners will be issued with reports on the 23rd of June 2023. A parent or responsible adult may collect the report of a learner who is absent on the 23rd of June 2023.Reports of learners who are absent must be collected from the deputy office from 08.30 – 12.30 (only). When receiving the term 2 reports, parents are encouraged to read through the report. Give praise where it is due and  remedy the identified areas of need.


Given the constant threat of crime we wish to make a special appeal to all our parents and learners  to ensure that our boys and girls remain safe during the Winter vacation. Learners must inform their parents as to their whereabouts at all times. It may also be that many learners are home while parents go to work. Please, speak to our learners about safety at home.


Preparations are currently underway for the Mr and Mrs Delta modelling showpiece. The models have been taken through their paces throughout the term. A provisional date of 29 July 2023 has been earmarked for this event.


School reopens on the 18th 0f July 2023. Please be advised that all learners will be dismissed at 13:00 for the period 18 July – 20 July (term 3) to accommodate staff, phase and grade meetings.


`Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect` – Mark Twain