Parents, of all learners at Delta Primary, are reminded that the feeding scheme remains accessible to all learners of Delta primary, whether the learner is attending for the day or not. It is, therefore, very important that parents liaise with the respective class teachers with regards to the feeding scheme on the days when the learner is not required to attend. The Food handlers shall make the necessary adjustments according to the numbers received for feeding on the day.


As highlighted in previous newsletters we are extremely concerned about the poor attendance of learners during the course of the academic year. Please, peruse the table below which indicates the attendance statistics for the week. Based on the statistics below it clearly indicates a challenge, that if left unchecked could be prove to be challenging for the learners concerned.

Date Group Expected Present Absent
23.08.21 1 477 375 108
24.08.21 1 477 364 119
25.08.21 2 483 371 112
26.08.21 2 483 345 138
27.08.21 1 477 228 249


Parents, be advised that in the event of a teacher needing to isolate due to covid-19 protocols, that the teacher will be in direct contact with the specific affected class. Learners attached to the class will be able to collect the missed school work on Fridays so as to ensure that the curriculum pacing is maintained. While teachers are all following the streamlined curriculum commonly referred to as ATP`s ( Annual Teaching Plans), curriculum coverage will be affected due to specific grade context and the pace of individual classes.


It is well documented that learners who engage in regular reading statistically perform at a higher cognitive level than their non-reading peers. We take this opportunity to encourage all our learners to continuously engage in reading to build and improve their own levels of vocabulary and comprehension. This medium-term investment in their own development will surely lead to massive returns in the future. Our learners are encouraged to read hardcover books/ e-books of personal interest to develop themselves. Teachers have also issued grade-specific vocabulary lists so that learners may utilise the lists to improve the spelling with the intention that the learners use these new words when constructing sentences and writing stories. Please enquire from the respective teachers if your child has not received his/her list of spelling words.



Parents, be advised that the link for the green shoots online mathematics program has been added to the landing page of the school`s website. Learners are now able to click on the link which will direct them to the green shoots online mathematics program. Learners will require their username and password to gain access to the online platform. Learners may enquire from their respective class teachers about their green shoots access codes. All learners from grades three to seven have access to the program which is CAPS-aligned and will greatly support the learners in their mathematical understanding.


All learners should currently be in possession of their very own email account of which the address was issued by the class-teacher in 2020/2021. Accompanying the email account details, learners would have received an instruction page on how to access the email account. I wish to encourage parents to assist and get behind this initiative by actioning the suggestions as a matter of urgency. Parents/learners who have not received their email MUST contact the current 2021 class teacher to gain access to their learner email by sending a short note to the class teacher. Your action will enable the school to seed a digital communication strategy amongst parents and children, which would yield marvelous benefits for all associated with our school. Parents and learners are encouraged to use the email address and register for the school newsletter. Parents and learners, we encourage all who are connected to the school to regularly interact with the school website as it will inform our digital strategy in the forthcoming years.


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Learners and parents are reminded of the civvies day planned for Tuesday 31 August ( Group 1) and Thursday 2 September ( Group2). The food combo and civvies includes: a hotdog, cooldrink, and doughnut at a cost of R25.

Thought for the day

“ I alone cannot change the world. But I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples“ – Mother Teresa


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