As mentioned in a newsletter 19 of 2022, our school concert is planned over two weekends on the 10th September ( Foundation Phase) and 17th September (Intersen Phase). All classes and their teachers are currently practising their individual items, working towards the goal of presenting it to the parent body on the days indicated. Individual class teachers may be in contact with you with respect to communicating whether special clothes or props will be needed. Please assist in this regard and communicate timeously with the teacher if specific requests become a challenge.Learners will require lots of practise and we once again implore all our learners not to stay absent unnecessarily during the course of the next few weeks.


South Africa`s exit from covid-restrictions has been welcomed by all citizens, and in particular, our young people. It is also with some concern that we still notice the negative impact of the covid pandemic and the associated restrictions. One long lasting impact, especially on the educational front is the negative impact that rotational attendance had on school going children.Currently many learners are still unable to perform academically at grade level, displaying severe learning barriers across the spectrum of the curriculum. In particular we notice the following:


  1. Learner`s inability to read at grade level.
  2. Learner challenged with the ability to write coherently.
  3. Learners experiencing challenges to  remain focused in class for the entire day. Partly due to going to bed late at night and their fixation with social media.
  4. Learners find it difficult to be at school 5 days for the academic week.
  5. Learners not realising the importance of homework or giving extra time at home to consolidate work that was taught at school.

Staff members are currently addressing these challenges through intervention programmes on a daily basis and making the adjustments to their teaching plans to better respond to the needs of the learners.


During the month of October many schools write the WCED systemic tests. These tests are only written by grade 3,6 and 9 learners. The purpose of the tests is to evaluate the mathematical and language skills of the learners as they exit their respective phases. Teachers generally prepare learners for sitting for these individual tests by using time in class and after school to consolidate specific areas of weakness so as to ensure that learners do well in these tests. In mentioning the importance of these tests to you as parents, we also wish to emphasise that grade 3 and 6 learners can thus ill afford to be absent from school and also make excuses for not attending the extra classes arranged for them to ultimately assist them. Please enquire by your child and the teacher when they are required to remain for extra classes and ensure that attendance to the extra classes are prioritised.


Mr R Solomons, the class teacher for the grade 6b, has been booked off sick for the remainder of term 3 due to undergoing an operation. Mrs Damonse has been appointed in a contract position for the interim. We wish Mr R Solomon a speedy recovery in this regard. We extend a warm welcome to Mrs Damonse during her stay at Delta.


“Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.”

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