Parents, please be advised that all learners are currently engaged in formal assessments tasks. The grades 4-7 will be engaged in formal control tests in approximately 2 weeks- time. To ensure that learners are fully prepared for the tests, we appeal to our parents to ensure that learners do not absent themselves unnecessarily during the assessment period. Parents are to ensure that learners study well in advance of the upcoming tests. Getting to bed on time and reducing time in front of the television will also assist our learners to perform well during the examinations. Parents, please continue to remind our learners that education is vital to ensure a better life. We have shared the following slogan with all our learners:` ENTER TO LEARN  `LEAVE TO SERVE`. Let us make work of this at all times.


Over the past two weeks, the school has slowly reintroduced dance, netball, and table tennis as part of after-school activities. Our grade six learners attend extra classes on Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for the WCED systemic test scheduled for the 18th of October 2021. We continue to encourage our learners to attend school as part of the communicated attendance model.


2021/08/30 1 477 358 117
2021/08/31 1 477 364 109
2021/09/01 2 473 380 93
2021/09/02 2 473 398 75
2021/09/03 1 477 334 139

Our weekly statistics show some improvement in relation to previous weeks. This could be attributed in part to the civvies days held on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. It is also noted that many of the learners have lost the joy of being at school due to the negative social and psychological impact of COVID-19, and it remains a challenge to motivate learners to learn and succeed academically during this period. In this regard let us all do our part to continually encourage every child to remain diligent learners.


The wearing of face masks when interacting in public spaces remains an uncomfortable reality for staff as well as learners. However, it remains a must and a priority to ensure that we manage health protocols at school. We remind all to ensure that your child has a clean mask throughout the course of the school week. Over-sized masks are an irritation to the learner and cause them to fidget and unnecessarily touch their face during the course of the day. Parents, please assist in this regard by ensuring your child has a clean and suitably sized mask when attending school.

Thought for the day 

“No matter how bad it is or how bad it gets I am going to make it.“ – Les Brown – motivational speaker


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