Parents and learners  are able to purchase concert tickets as of today 2022/08/26. All monies must be handed over to the secretary/bursar, who will in turn issue the learner with a paid ticket. The secretary/bursar will keep a record of the learners who have bought tickets. The office has arranged a special prize for the girl or boy who sells the most tickets. This incentive  will serve as motivation for our learners to market the concert and sell as many tickets as possible within their family circle. Concerts are special moments in the lives of school children, so we encourage all family members to support our boys and girls.


On Thursday the 25 of August 2022, the SPCA paid a visit to the school. The organisation spoke to our grade 6`s with the idea of conscientising them around the care of their pets. The visit also served the dual purpose of information sharing to our grade 6 learners with respect to completing their project about the work done by the SPCA in our community.

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The safety of our learners is a constant concern of parents as well as teachers while the learners are on school premises. We have put many systems in place to mitigate the potential risk to learner safety while learners are on the school premises. These systems are as follows:

  1. Only authorised persons are allowed on the school premises during official school times. “authorised persons“ are individuals who have the consent from the Principal to be on the school premises while the learners are on the premises.
  2. All visitors must sign the visitors register when visiting the school.“Visitors“ are persons who are not staff members of the school.
  3. We have installed cameras to monitor the movement of learners onto the premises and as they leave the premises.
  4. Learners who are dismissed early from school are issued an early permission slip after the school has made contact with the parents. Parents/ family members may only take the child if the child has identified the person as someone that is known to them. Learners are dismissed from the office.
  5. We have 1 entry onto the school premises to reduce the possibility of unauthorised individuals gaining access to classrooms while individual grades are dismissed or during the normal school hours.
  6. All staff members and assistants  perform interval duty to reduce potential fighting and bullying. As well as to observe learners and alert each other should individuals attempt to jump the fence.
  7. We have contracted security officers at the gate who are rotated at regular intervals to ensure service delivery is not compromised due to negligence.
  8. The “Walking Bus“ volunteers perform a noteworthy service by ensuring that learners cross the road safely in the morning and after school. The members of the “Walking Bus“ also monitor who interacts with the learners as they leave the school.

It is acknowledged that often these safety systems frustrate us at an individual level. However, all parents are deeply aware of the threats their children face and will certainly welcome the added layers of security as a mitigating measure in light of the violent acts often perpetuated against our children. While these measures are in place it is acknowledged that no institution can 100% assure the safety of adults and children on school premises. We satisfy ourselves as an organisation that we do all the actions as per the reasonableness test i.e “ foreseeability and preventability“


Parents are reminded that learners must be in school every day as a rule. Learners who are absent are required to bring a letter or note from home indicating the reason for the absence. Learners who are consistently absent for 10 consecutive days without a valid reason will be deregistered from the school’s record. It will then be a requirement for the parent to seek enrolment and supply valid reasons for the learner`s consistent pattern of absenteeism.


Parents, be advised that the link for the green shoots online mathematics program has been added to the landing page of the school`s website. Learners are now able to click on the link which will direct them to the green shoots online mathematics program. Learners will require their username and password to gain access to the online platform. Learners may enquire from their respective class teachers about their green shoots access codes. All learners from grades three to seven have access to the program which is CAPS-aligned and will greatly support the learners in their mathematical understanding.



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