On Thursday the 17 of August 2023, the grade 7 cohort engaged in the annual spelling bee. The results were as follows 1st place: 7c, 2nd place:7d, 3rd place: 7b, 4th place: 7a

The spelling bee was introduced as a co-curricular activity with the outcome of improving the vocabulary of all learners at Delta Primary. To this end the grade 7 teachers had equipped themselves well of their task and presented a positive experience for our learners.


Learners are reminded that they are required to be dressed in school uniform up to and including the last day of the term. Our foundation learners have responded to this call in vast majorities, displaying neat and consistent wearing of the uniform. We do note with concern that far too many senior learners are dressed with different color hoodies and expensive takkies while their uniform is amiss.

It would be so fantastic to see all our learners neatly dressed in school uniform as prescribed in the code of conduct. I am sure that you would agree what a beautiful sight it is to see when learners are dismissed and observers view learners in their school uniform. It is also noted that some of the learner`s uniforms require to be stitched and repaired due to daily usage. We wish to remind all our parents that the school has introduced a lay-buy system for the purchase of school uniforms. This means that parents may indicate to the school the item they wish to purchase and may then reserve the item and pay off the account over 3 months and upon completion of the payment the uniform is issued to the child. Should this be an option you wish to explore, please make contact with the school secretary either via telephone or via a message in the message book indicating your intention to do a lay-buy. 


Homework, completing assignments and preparing for tests are absolutely crucial for academic success. We detect with concern that the ethos of completing homework, studying for tests and submitting assignments remain a challenge for a large component of our learners in all grades. The ethos of hard work must be instilled in all our learners. The pursuit for excellence must be in the conscience of every child at Delta Primary. In this regard we ask all our parents to remind their children of the reason for attending school, as we will do the same while the learners  are at school.


The more you take away from me, the larger I become. What am I?


`When I hear somebody sigh, life is hard, I`am always tempted to ask, compared to what`–Sydney Harris.