The sale of tickets for the foundation phase concert is going exceedingly well. Regrettably, the hall capacity is limited to 600 persons in respect of occupational health and safety and the school must adhere to this in order to ensure all attendees’ safety. Please ensure that all learners are at school by 10:45 am on Saturday the 10 September 2022. Also, ensure that learners have a very light breakfast as the day can often be very long for young children.

Be advised that all Foundation phase learners ( R-3) will be dismissed at 13:00 on Monday the 12 September 2022 ( Please ensure that drivers are informed of this dismissal change)


Amidst the ongoing excitement with the concert, learners are reminded that formal assessments are still being completed. Learners are thus reminded that their attendance is vital to ensure that a mark is allocated for their assessment. Learners who are not at school will unfortunately have a `0` score if they are not diligent in their school attendance over the next few weeks.


From 26 September 2022 – 29 September 2022, all learners will be dismissed from 13:00. foundation phase at 13:00, intersen phase, a staggered dismissal from 13:10.On the 30 September (last day of the term) learners will be dismissed at 11:00 All reports will be issued to learners on the 29 September 2022. Reports not issued to learners on the 29 September will be available as of 08:00 on the 30 September from the deputy’s office.


“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius.

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