We extend an enormous thank-you to all our loyal parents who have supported us amidst an extremely challenging situation. We take cognisance of the sacrifice you have made as parents to ensure that the academic programme is supported at home due to the blended learning approach. You have shown your loyalty to the school by donating so marvelously with the recent pajama and civvies day. Your sacrifice is worthy of praise. below is a list of positive reflections during term 3 :

The teachers and support staff who have ensured that all our protocols and systems(covid-administration,screening,sanitising,isolation,work-booklets,feeding scheme, data capturing, monitoring etc) are of a high standard amidst covid-19.

  1. Motivational talk – with Naomi Jansen (sister to Prof Jonathan Jansen and author)
  2. Burger treat for our learners.
  3. Spur treat for our Surfwalk Top collectors.
  4. Yoga session for our teachers.
  5. The daily feeding of learners.
  6. The daily community feeding.
  7. Delta Community soup day on the 24th of September (Heritage day)
  8. Our wonderful pajama and cake sale initiated by the foundation phase.

We have all stood in deep admiration of each teacher, support staff, strategic partner and loyal parent who has supported our school. We salute you!


Parents be advised that we will issue term 3 reports in the 2nd week of term 4. We are utilizing the available between now and the end of term 3 to give ALL our learners multiple opportunities to conclude formative assessments. Be reminded that ALL learners must complete assessment to validate progression at the end of the year.


  1. Learner civvies and hotdog sale.
  2. Community fundraiser.
  3. Certification and top performer awards.(due to covid-19 the awards will be completed in the individual classes)


Learners and teachers take a short break for the period ( 23 October to 1 November), learners return on the 2 of October 2020. The term consists of only 6 weeks in which teachers must consolidate work taught and to administer the formal examinations and assessments. we must encourage all our learners to attend on all the days indicated by the teachers.

Learners from grade 1 – 7 will be dismissed by 1pm on the 2 November 2020 (social distancing and staggered dismissal will be followed by the teachers). Thanking all and have a pleasant school vacation.

Thought for the day

“I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.” – Elon Musk

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