We welcome all our learners and teachers back after the short school vacation. Hoping that all our parents and their extended families are in good health. We look forward to a constructive term 4 and appeal to all our parents to assist to ensure that the core business of education is prioritised in the lives of their children.


Please, examine and discuss the contents of the term 3 report with your child, giving praise where deserved and encouragement where needed. All reports will be issued to learners during the course of next week.The fourth term is examination season for grades 4 to 7 learners. Learners should apply themselves to ensure that they keep books up to date, complete tasks, homework and come to school ready to learn. Learners who sacrifice time, study and apply themselves can expect a good report at the end of term 4. All learners including those who have applied for exemption from schooling are required to write their examinations at school. Be reminded that ALL learners must complete assessment to validate progression at the end of the year. Learners from 4-7 will be issued with an examination roster which must be carefully perused by all.Learners, we encourage you to study with laser beam focus during these crucial times.


  • Learner civvies and hotdog sale.
  • The school tuck shop will re-open during the course of next week.
  • School raffle
  • Certification and top performer awards.(due to covid-19 the awards will be completed in the individual classes)


All learners will be issued with an official delta email address during this term. Parents are requested to log-into the email account using the gmail platform and to change the default password to an easy to remember password. Please ensure that you write the password down and store it in a safe place. Should you have a challenge in this regard please make contact with the current class teacher who would render assistance in this regard. The email address will more than likely be managed by the parents until the learner moves on to grade 7 where they will be required to engage with google classroom in due course. We also take into cognisance that these innovations will take time and that we are seeding the foundations for alternative communications going forward. The google platform will also place the school in a favourable position to innovate as the landscape for delivering education is quite literally changing amidst this pandemic. It is also a focus area for the school as well as part of the school improvement plan and the school development plan to seed the foundation for e-learning and e- communication.


  • Be advised that all learners will be issued with their reports on the 15th of December @ 11:00 am (last day of the academic year)


Admin office reopens on the 18 January 2021

Learners return on to school on the 27 January 2021 ( group1) all grades

Parents and stakeholders are reminded to engage with the school website for dates relating to school activities which are displayed on the front-end of the web page.

Thought for the day

 “You are the only problem you will ever have and you are the only solution. Change is inevitable, personal growth is always a personal decision.”

Bob Proctor

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