Parents, please be advised that all learners are currently engaged in formal assessments tasks. Our grade 4-7 will be engaged in formal examination for approximately 2 weeks. To ensure that learners are fully prepared for the examinations, I appeal to our parents to ensure that learners do not absent themselves unnecessarily during the assessment period. Parents are to ensure that learners study well in advance of the examinations.

Learners have been advised that they are required to study work which was taught in term 1 as well as the completed content of term 2-3. Getting to bed on time and reducing time in front of the television will also assist our learners to perform well during the examinations.

Parents, please continue to remind our learners that education is vital to ensure a better life. We have shared the following slogan with all our learners: “ ENTER TO LEARN – LEAVE TO SERVE“. Let us make work of this at all times.


Please, be reminded of the budget meeting planned for the 17 November at 18:00 in the school hall. The budget for 2021 will be presented and a final decision will be taken with respect to the operational budget for 2021.


One of the most important aspects of school is that it is organized, scheduled and predictable. Learners depend on the structure of the day. They know where they have to be and when. They know the main purpose for being in school is to learn and that routines are in place precisely to help them focus on that learning. When learners are repeatedly tardy, these routines are disrupted. Learners who are often late have trouble settling in and mastering routines. We wish to urge parents to assist in this regard.


The data below reflects the attendance for the week (2020.11.09 to 2020.11.13). We are extremely proud of each learner of our school who attends so loyally everyday as they are required as per COVID-19 timetable. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday
398 415 428 404 267

Our learners were equally impressive as they observed social distance while making their purchase at the tuck-shop. Boys and girls keep up the good work!


All learners will be issued with an official delta email address during this term. Parents are requested to log-into the email account using the gmail platform and to change the default password to an easy to remember password. Please ensure that you write the password down and store it in a safe place. Should you have a challenge in this regard please make contact with the current class teacher who would render assistance in this regard. The email address will more than likely be managed by the parents until the learner moves on to grade 7 where they will be required to engage with google classroom in due course. We also take into cognisance that these innovations will take time and that we are seeding the foundations for alternative communications going forward. The google platform will also place the school in a favourable position to innovate as the landscape for delivering education is quite literally changing amidst this pandemic. It is also a focus area for the school as well as part of the school improvement plan and the school development plan to seed the foundation for e-learning and e- communication.

Thought for the day

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” Jim Rohn

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