We welcome all our learners and staff back after the Spring break.We look forward to a constructive fourth term and appeal to all our parents to assist and ensure that the core business of education is prioritised in the lives of our children. 


16.10.2023 Grade 3 & 6 learners write their WCED systemic test Dismissal as per normal
17.10.2023 Final meeting – parents of learners at critical risk Affected parents only
21.10.2023 Grade R – 2024 Orientation day 10:00 am
4.11.2023 Grade R – 2023 graduation  10:00 am
7.11.2023 Parent budget meeting 17:00 
20.11.2023 Intersen learners- final examinations 13:00 dismissal 
21.11.2023 Parents to send all textbooks/library books to school
12.12.2023 Class parties 13:00 dismissal 
12.12.2023 Learner final reports 13:00 dismissal 
13.12.2023 Academic year concluded for learners 11:00 dismissal 
15.12.2023 Academic year concluded for staff 11:00 dismissal 



Our grade 4 to 7 learners sit for their final examinations as of the 20 November 2023. During the second and third term staff members noted that many learners did not prepare adequately for formal assessments. Simply put, learners did not study and this resulted in poor academic achievement. Examinations can be very stressful especially for a learner who did not put in the required effort and study time.We are appealing to our parents to remove and safely store electronic devices and mobile phones which are wonderful devices, however huge sources of distractions during the examination period.

We make a special appeal to all our parents to assist with the following areas which still remain a challenge.

  • Please do not keep your child at home unnecessarily.
  • Ensure that you collect your child on time.
  • Speak to your child about discipline on a daily basis.
  • Check that your child has the necessary writing equipment – Parent random checks of the pencil bag is highly recommended.


Our grade 7 learners enter the last lap of which has been an arduous journey for parent and learner. We are appealing to our parents to keep the reins of discipline tight until the learner has progressed successfully from grade 7 to grade 8.These are challenging times for our young people who are often swept away by the euphoria and anticipation of high school, and thus lose focus.


The change in season has brought with it some warmer weather as we move into the long awaited Summer season. Girls were reminded that the school dress must now be worn as the Winter tracksuit can be stored away safely. The persistent wearing of hoodies, by some learners, poses a challenge as learners sit with the hoodie over their head while in class. This is unnecessary and the hoodie is not part of the school uniform. All hoodies are to be retained at home. All boys are clear on the requirements for dress code and this will be communicated in class and during the general assembly. Parents, we need your assistance to ensure that our learners are appropriately dressed in the official school uniform. 


The staff and governing body wish the parents of current matriculants well over the next few weeks as the matric class of 2023 prepare for the examination period. Those of us who had the experience of supporting our children know how stressful this period is for all parents. Know that you are in our thoughts and we anticipate a positive result and the conclusion of this process. 


 Mr. Walsh is exactly 5 times as old as his dog Patches. In five years, Mr. Walsh will only be three times as old as Patches. How old will he be in five years?


`Be careful the environment you choose, for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose, for you will become like them` – W. Clement Stone