All parents who are interested to serve on the School Governing Body (SGB) are encouraged to avail themselves for nomination and election of the new SGB on the proposed date of the 14th of April 2021.


A person will not be eligible to be a member of a governing body if he or she:

  • is mentally ill and has been declared as such by a competent court;
  • is an unrehabilitated insolvent;
  • has been convicted of an offence and sentenced to imprisonment in a court of law in South Africa or in a foreign country, without the option of a fine, for a period exceeding six months;
  • has been declared to be unsuitable to work with children as stipulated in terms of the Children’s Act, 2005(Act 38 of 2005); or is listed in the register of people unsuitable to work with children in terms of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act 32 of 2007;
  • does not fall within one of the categories of members who make up a governing body;
  • no longer falls within the category of members that he or she represented at the time of his/her election; or
  • has had his/her membership terminated by the HOD in terms of SASA within the last five years.

Be reminded only eligible parents can nominate and second, eligible parents on the 14th of April 2021.With respect to the new regulations we will require 5 parents to serve on the SGB. Please ensure that a duly completed nomination form is submitted and that the nominated candidate, the proposer and seconder is present at the nomination and election meeting.


Be advised that all learners were issued with a collecting list during the course of the week. We are encouraging all learners to collect maximum totals on the list i.e R 120 and claim their incentive prizes when the list is forwarded to the school.


Learner and parent details have become an absolute essential, like never before amidst the pandemic. It would be marvelous if all parents ensure that their details are constantly updated via a message or note to the teacher. Updated parent details allow the school to communicate effectively with the parent-body. It has also become important given compliance with respect to contact tracing. Please be assured that parent details are protected by law and that your contact details may not be shared with 3rd party individuals or as part of a marketing strategy. Parent details are solely for the benefit of communication between the school and the parent.


We wish to encourage learners and parents to make a concerted attempt to re-establish routines to ensure that learners experience structure during the academic year. During our engagement with them, we note with concern that many learners are tired and lethargic, in part due to retiring to bed far too late during the school week. Please assist in this regard by managing their attachment and fixation to social media, movies and games so that they have a reasonably balanced school week. Learners must arrive at school on time, a small percentage of learners arrive after the bell has rung. Learners are also reminded that the remaining days when they are not at school, they are required to complete required tasks and homework (self-directed study and learning). We are cognisant of the challenge that this added responsibility places on the household and the strain that parents are experiencing. As parents we are tasked with the responsibility to ensure a bright future for our children even during this unusual context.


All learners are encouraged to arrive at school before the official bell rings.


Approximately 250 of our learners were issued with a food hamper during the course of this week. We express thanks and appreciation to the NSNP for this kind donation.




The school has embarked on the establishment of a food garden. The pictures below depict the quality of the crop after 1 month. The aim of the project is produce food for the Delta kitchen.


Thought for the day:

`It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.`- Thomas Sowell


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