On Monday 29 January 2024 parents gathered for the parent AGM 2024. At this meeting the staff was introduced, school improvement plan, progression statistics as well as the SGB report was tabled. Following the AGM , parents met the individual class teachers. I express my appreciation to each parent who was able to brave the weather. For our parents who were unable to attend due to prior commitments or due work obligations. Feel free to make contact with the class teachers so that they are able to share salient  information to ensure a quality learning and teaching experience for each child in the class.


The office was able once again to supply learners who were in need of a school bag. These bags have kindly been donated by Syntel for the use by the learners of Delta Primary. The bag is only issued if the learner’s current bag is damaged beyond repair.



On Wednesday the 31 January 2024, Delta Primary in collaboration with Mhani Gingi , Food and Trees for Africa and the sponsors Shoprite. A contingency of 25 parents were the recipients of the tools to commence the garden in a bucket project.This initiative involves the distribution of resources and training of a group of parents. In our case pupils and parents of Delta Primary School. The resources and training are intended to support the recipients in producing food at their homes. Thus resources are intended to be used in their homes and will require effort and other resources, most importantly water, to succeed.The resources delivered included an information booklet, a watering can, a bucket, hand tools, seeds, and stickers.The training is designed to use the resources available (space, water, organic matter, shade, wind protection, people, etc.) to establish a garden that with ongoing energy, a willingness to learn and collaborate can become sustainable.


Parental involvement in the governance of your child’s school  is a Constitutional right afforded to all eligible parents under the South African Schools Act. Governance broadly involves, attending mandatory meetings, serving on the fundraising committee, serving on disciplinary structures, assisting the school to develop networks to the benefit of all the learners. I wish to encourage parents who believe that they can make a positive contribution to the school to avail themselves to serve on the School Governing Body. New governing Body elections are scheduled for 14  March 2024 of this year. An official notification will follow soonest.


Learners will in the next few days receive the Surfwalk collecting list. I have set an ambitious target of 80 K as a target for the gross takings onto our balance sheet. Given the fact that we are in excess of 800 learners and if every child commits to collecting R100 and more this target can easily be achieved. Given the fact that Eid will be on our doorstep in a wink. We encourage all families to get behind the surfwalk and purpose towards achieving our target.


`Iam no longer cursed by poverty because I took possession of my own mind, and that mind has yielded me every material thing I want and much more than I need. But this power of mind is a universal one, available to the humblest person as it is to the greatest.` Andrew Carnergie