How quickly the 2020 academic year has come to a conclusion. For everybody in our country and around the world it has been an extremely challenging year amidst the pandemic. We wish you and your family a peaceful closure to the academic and calendar year. Enjoy a restful vacation with family and friends, and most of all, remain safe amidst an active pandemic. We thank all our learners, parents, business partners and friends for their wonderful support over the 2020 academic year. We are filled with an enormous sense of accomplishment, as we were able to complete the task of educating our learners, often under very trying circumstances. We are enthused with thankfulness and gratitude, that we were able to complete this mandate as a staff, with pride and professionalism. It has been a mixed bag of highlights and challenges, which upon reflection, would not have been achievable without the  dedication of a team of professionals at Delta Primary. The array of positive things happening at school has been astonishing and awe inspiring. It is with this positivity that we conclude 2020 and with which we shall commence 2021.

What follows is a short synopsis of highlights and achievements during the 2020 academic  year.

  • The 2 learner treats arranged by Ps Jack during the third and fourth term were very well received by all our learners. Ps Jack has reminded all of our common humanity amidst the challenges.
  • The handing over of 100 Santa boxes by Delta staff members to the learners of Delta Primary. Staff members implemented and completed this initiative in an extremely short space of time and it created a jolly good feeling amongst all. 
  • The raffle prizes handed to our excited winners, which included a lamb pack, a bicycle and consolation prizes.
  • Our feeding scheme programme that continues to deliver on their mandate of feeding our vulnerable learners and the community at large. This need has become more pronounced over the past few months.
  • The migration of the newsletter and communication to an online platform. We acknowledge that it is a process, and that over the next few months as individual families come online, we will be able to bed down this organizational transformation. 
  • The implementation of an online payment platform utilizing pay fast and EFT for uniform and equipment purchases.
  • The roll-out of email accounts to all learners and staff at Delta via the delta.org.za domain
  • The implementation and safety protocols and procedures related to the covid-19 pandemic. The adherence to the safety protocols has mitigated possible infection in the school environment. All staff members must be applauded for their positive role in ensuring we stayed -off mass infection due to diligence and organizational discipline.


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic we urge all our parents and learners to make healthy decisions based on guidelines from the Health Department. Given the constant threat of crime we wish to make a special appeal to all our parents and learners  to ensure that our boys and girls remain safe during the vacation. Learners must inform their parents and guardians as to their whereabouts at all times. Learners making their way to the beach or near water activities are also reminded to take extra precaution as accidents around water happen so quickly. It is the season of braais and open fires, we urge all our boys and girls to practice caution. It may also be that many learners are home while parents go to work. Please speak to our learners about safety at home.


Parents are hereby informed that all learners will be required to wear the official uniform as of 2021 ( Monday to Thursday). Learners will ONLY be allowed to wear their civvies on Fridays as part of the usual civvies days which will have a small fee attached.


All learners should currently be in possession of their very own email account which was issued by the class-teacher. Accompanying the email account details , learners would have received an instruction page on how to access the email account. I wish to encourage parents to assist and get behind this initiative by actioning the suggestions as a matter of urgency. Your action will enable the school to seed a digital communication strategy which would yield marvelous benefits for all associated to our school. Parents, we encourage all stakeholders who are connected to the school to regularly interact with the school website. While we are grappling with mass communication to all stakeholders the website and our face-book presence remains the single most important port to know what is happening at school.


Term  Begins  Ends  No. of  


No. of school  days
First  25 January  


27 January  


31 March  10  47 (teachers) 45 (learners)
Second  13 April  25 June  11  51
Third  13 July  23 September  11  52
Fourth  05 October  08 December (learners)  10 December (teachers)  10  49 (teachers)  47 (learners)
199 (teachers)  195 (learners)


Grade  WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3
GRADE R 11.30 AM 12:00  12:40
GRADE 1-3 13:00 Revert to normal times which will be communicated Revert to normal times which will be communicated
GRADE 4-7 13:30 Revert to normal times which will be communicated Revert to normal times which will be communicated


The term of office of the current SGB comes to an end in March 2021. Fresh elections will happen in March 2021. Parents who are willing and interested in serving on the SGB, should consider availing themselves to serve on the SGB. The eligibility for serving on the SGB is as follows

A person will not be eligible to be a member of a governing body if he or she: 

(a) Is mentally ill and has been declared as such by a competent court; 

(b) Is an unrehabilitated insolvent; 

(c) Has been convicted of an offence and sentenced to imprisonment in a court of law in South Africa or  in a foreign country, without the option of a fine, for a period exceeding six months; and has not yet  served his or her full period of imprisonment; 

(d) Has been declared to be unsuitable to work with children as stipulated in terms of the Children’s Act,  2005 (Act 38 of 2005) ; or is listed in the register of people unsuitable to work with children in terms  of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act 32 of 2007; 

(e) Does not fall within one of the categories of members who make up a governing body; 

(f) No longer falls within the category of members that he or she represented at the time of his/her  election; or 

(g) Has had his/her membership terminated by the HOD in terms of SASA


“Alot cant deal with life because they lack the patience to become who they want to be…Everything happens by process. If you don’t go through the process to get it you don’t have the power to keep it“.

TD Jakes

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