What an awesome year 2021 has been despite the continued challenges of covid-19. Our school has achieved much over the 2021 academic year and the many blessings we have received have been absolutely breath-taking. I wish to express my thanks to all the boys and girls and our faithful parents who have supported us over this year. I’m confident that 2022 will be an amazing year! Find below a short synopsis of highlights in the 2021 academic and social year.


  • Successfully managing the covid-19 protocols throughout the 2021 academic year, which would not have been possible without the continued, timeous intervention and vigilance by all staff members.
  • The successful interpretation and execution of the annual teaching plans by teachers to ensure that our learners are educated.Inclusive of this is the successful assessment of each and every learner while on a rotational  basis.
  • Under challenging circumstances staff, with the support of parents, have continued with fundraising, to ensure that the school remains financially stable.
  • Daily feeding of all vulnerable learners including during the lockdown period of 2021.
  • The issuing of Santa shoe boxes to learners during the month of  December.
  • The supply of school shoes to vulnerable learners.
  • Deworming programming for all learners.
  • Retreat Library reading competition.
  • Library coloring in competition winners.
  • DCAS holiday sport programme.
  • The successful spoils supplied by Ps Jack at regular intervals.
  • Our 2 learners who received their WP colors for dance.
  • Vumatel collaboration leading to the installation of fiber at our school.
  • Annual Spur treat for our top collectors.
  • The drive-through fundraiser.
  • The annual awards ceremony hosted in November.


The festive season brings along a sense of relaxation and a break from the demands of our daily routine. In this regard I wish to advocate that we be vigilant with regards to the safety of our children, in particular when we are near water. Please take special care that no evil, harm or danger overcomes our children during the vacation period. Monitor their movements strictly and ensure that you, at all times, know where your child is. 


Boys and girls, let me congratulate you on the successful completion of your primary school journey. Many of you started at Delta Primary in grade R and now you have reached the end of a chapter in your life. Know that we are extremely proud of each and every single one of you. We wish and hope that you make a success of your academic journey, that you make your parents proud and that you contribute positively to society. Let me remind you of what we have always instilled in you, that you must set goals for yourself and then carve out a plan to realize those goals. Remain positive at all times and surround yourself with people who help you attain those goals. God -speed to all of you.


A special thank-you to Mrs K Wentzel who so ably assisted the grade 6 class during the 2021 academic year. We wish her well for the future. Mr Satarien takes charge of the grade 6 class in the new year.


Wishing Mrs Christian/Klaazen well over her maternity leave period and hoping to hear from her with the arrival of the new bundle of joy. Mrs Damon takes charge of the grade 5 class for the period that Mrs Christian/Klaazen is on maternity leave.


We have observed a pattern of absenteeism in many grades in relation to the rotational attendance model employed by the school. Learners are currently  not receiving their full quota of 5 days at school and this in itself creates huge gaps in their core knowledge. Learners who regularly absent themselves from school place enormous pressure on themselves and their teachers as they attempt to regain lost teaching time and acquire new knowledge. The data below indicate the levels of absenteeism amongst our learners for the 2021 academic year ( term 1-3)

TERM 1 16.8 %
TERM 2 22,4 %
TERM 3 26.2 %

The poor learner attendance amongst some of our learners must be a matter of urgency and focus amongst parents and guardians in 2022. We must as a collective encourage all learners to be at school when they are required to be here, as the antithesis could  lead to substandard academic achievement.


Find below the official school calendar of the WCED

Term  Begins  Ends No of Weeks No of schools days
First  17 January (educators)

 19 January (learners)

 25 March 10  49 (educators)

 47 (learners)

Second  05 April  24 June 12  53
Third  19 July  30 September 11  52
Fourth  1 October  14 December (learners)

 15 December (educators)

10  48 (educators)

 47 (learners)

 202 (educators)

 199 (learners)

The academic year commences on the 19 January 2022, with group 2 of all grades coming to school


For those of us who are taking the long roads, please drive safely and make the time to rest before continuing on your journey. We wish all our parents, teachers, learners, support staff and our business partners a peaceful and restful festive season. May the New Year bring with it all the prosperity we hope for!


`If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even If   I may not have it at the beginning` – Gandhi

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