On Wednesday and Thursday the 8 – 9 November Delta Primary School celebrated its annual awards ceremony. This year, the presentation and execution of the awards was a stellar event. We were able to honour our award nominees with a certificate per grade as well as identify the top performers in each grade. We encourage all our learners to strive for excellence going forward.


Our examinations are scheduled to commence on the 20 th of November and shall be concluded on the 29th of November. It is extremely important that all learners make the necessary sacrifice and prepare well for the forthcoming examinations. As of the 20th of November all learners will be dismissed at 13:00. We once again appeal to all parents and transport providers to ensure that all necessary arrangements are made to ensure that all learners are collected within 10 minutes after the end of the day. You are requested to please monitor the following:

  • Learners must study for the examination if they wish to experience a positive outcome after the examination.
  • Learners must get to bed early to ensure that they are alert during the examination.
  • Learners must have a good breakfast and lunch pack to fuel them for the day.
  • Learners must have writing equipment for the day.
  • Learners must reduce time spent on cell phones and electronic devices in order to focus while studying.
  • Learners must be at school everyday of the examinations

Parents, we have a role to play in this regard. We are confident that you will take all the necessary actions in this regard. 


On Thursday the 16 November 2023, while learners were waiting for transport, shots rang out in close proximity to the school. This left many of our learners severely traumatised. We were able to secure the safety of our learners until their transport arrived and while the admin was able to contact parents to personally collect learners. The incident highlights the extremely volatile area in which the school is situated. Trauma counselling shall be arranged via the WCED and our local trauma counselling NGO`s in the area as a matter of urgency.


Can you add one mathematical symbol in between 55555 to equal 500?


`We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained` – Marie Curie