The current rotational attendance model employed by the school due to covid-19 restrictions is aimed to ensure that all learners in every grade attend a maximum of 10 days for the month. This equates to 50% of the attendance the learners would have engaged in had conditions been `normal`. We are appealing to all parents and learners to ensure that every learner attends every day that they are required to be at school, including Friday. Erratic attendance can lead to long term academic challenges If we as a collective body do not encourage regular attendance we will continue to see below standard learner achievement.The ultimate goal of Delta Primary has always been to prepare our learners to perform and have access to the very best that life has to offer. Thus a culture of excellence underpins the school culture and all actions on the school premises.


All learners would have received their individual collecting lists. We are appealing to our loyal parents to contribute generously to this fundraising drive.Be advised that the management and staff of Delta Primary strongly discourage our learners to engage in door to door collecting. The proclivity to engage in door to door collections expose our learners to a litany of untoward interactions. We do however encourage parents to consider creative ways of extracting voluntary donations.


  • Separating yourself physically from other people.
  • Physical distancing when around other people (1.5 m – apart)
  • Hand-washing and sanitizing (every hour)
  • Practice good hygiene (coughing, sneezing into elbow or tissue)
  • Using a cloth face-mask (A MUST FOR BEING AT SCHOOL). 


Parents are reminded that enrolment for all grades for the 2022 academic year has commenced. The option to complete the online enrolment is available, bear in mind that many schools have reverted to accepting the hardcopy of the application for enrolment. We are appealing especially to parents of grade 7 learners to ensure that application is made to at least 3 schools.As soon as confirmation of enrolment has been confirmed by schools in June of this year, please, inform the remaining schools of your preferred school of choice. This action will prevent the enrolment system from experiencing duplicate enrolment during this enrolment period.


The school uniform remains the pride of the school. It creates a sense of belonging and gives us a sense of pride. Orders for uniform may also be placed at school or using the online shopping facility on the schools website. The school code of conduct gives clear guidance on this:


  • Grey short pants or grey long pants.
  • White, short or long sleeved shirt.
  • School tracksuits in winter months only.
  • Regular black school shoes with grey socks ONLY.
  • Exceptions will only be made on casual days.


  • School dress, school tracksuit. (grey trousers not allowed)
  • Regular black shoes with white ankle socks.
  • Plain navy blue scarves for MUSLIM GIRLS ONLY! Scarves to be worn in an appropriate and dignified manner.
  • Exceptions will only be made on casual days.

Thought for the day

`Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect`- Margaret Mitchell

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