It is once again the season for the Surfwalk. Our learners have all been issued a yellow collecting list during the course of the week.I have set an ambitious target of 80 K as a target for the gross takings onto our balance sheet. Given the fact that we are in excess of 800 learners, and if every child commits to collecting R100 and more, this target can easily be achieved. We have incentives for all the different categories within the collecting list

  1. The top collector will win a television set.
  2. The top collecting class with their teacher will receive a special prize.
  3. Each child who collects R150 will be given a slab of chocolate for their effort.

Our incentives for the learners will be improved as we are able to source more incentives for the learners. Parents who are able to assist the school with gifts are encouraged to make contact with the class teacher and obtain a sponsorship letter.


The track events for the inter school will happen on Monday 12 February 2024 at Mandela Stadium. Parents are allowed to attend subject to a gate fee. Parents are allowed to support their children at the event. Regrettably no transport will be arranged to take parents to Mandela Park. The school will take responsibility for transporting the athletes. The event is scheduled to conclude at 6pm -7pm. Learners will be transported back to school from Mandela Stadium. Parents must please ensure that they meet the athletes at school within those time frames.

The school inter-house track events are planned for 28 February 2024 at the Solo Sports facility in Steenberg. Parents are allowed to attend the event. A gate fee of R10 per adult and R5 per child ( non delta) will be charged at the gate. The sports day primarily is for our Grade 4 – 7 learners. Where parents can make arrangements for grade R-3 learners it would be greatly appreciated, so that we can best manage the day.

The Foundation phase sports day is planned for 9 March 2024 on  Saturday. All parents are able to attend. The gate fee will be R5 for all participants. Delta learners need not pay an entry fee. 

At all the school arranged events a school tuck shop will be operational.


All our learners are encouraged to come dressed in white/red on Valentines Day 14 February 2024. This incentive will cost each child R5.


“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffet