On Wednesday the 28 February 2024 we concluded the inter house athletics competition. As in previous years the day was an enormous success at every level. The organisation and execution of all logistical plans was clearly evident on the day. Our learners made us extremely proud with their grit and determination despite their lack of physical prowess and a few top performers were clearly identified for future nurturing. In this regard all our teachers, support staff, Johnson security, the paramedic, SOLO FMC are worthy of thanks and appreciation. On this day our boys and girls have once again proven that when they purpose their mind and heart they can be quite entertaining and extremely well-disciplined. For that I thank you all boys and girls. Congratulations to the winning Red house on their achievement !


We are encouraging all our boys and girls to continue to diligently seek sponsors for this major fundraising event of term 1. We have set a target of  80 K, which is well within the reach of the collective learner body based on our enrolment numbers of 847 learners collectively. The forwarding of the collecting lists has been at a snails pace.  The following incentives are available for all learners

  • A minimum of R100 – secures the learners seat on the bus. Families of more than 1 child are given a reduced rate for multiple siblings at the school.
  • A minimum collection of R150 – secures the learners on the bus, with a slab of chocolate 
  • The top collector will receive a TV – LCD screen.
  • Learners in the 350 – 500 category will have their names entered into a lucky draw to win a sweet hamper.
  • The class who collects the most money will be treated to a free civvies day and hotdog.


On Saturday the 9 th of March 2024, Delta Primary will have a foundation phase Fun day ( grade (R-3). This is an open day for all parents of grade R-3 learners and we are encouraging parents to attend in support of their children. The teachers will be communicating operational plans and information during the course of the new week, please monitor the class whatsapp group chat.


We are appealing to all our parents to ensure that their contact details are updated when it is required. In instances where your cell no has changed, please be so kind as to inform the teacher so that our records may be updated accordingly. We are challenged in cases of emergency when learners take ill as we often cannot contact parents to inform them via a telephone call. To parents who have updated their details we say thank you!


This is a gentle reminder to all parents that admissions for 2024 open on the 11 of March 2024. We are therefore encouraging parents who wish to enrol their learners in grade 1 and 8  for 2024 to ensure that they register online as soon as the admission window opens for applications.


It cannot be aerated enough, the importance of our learners to  read on a regular basis. We have observed many learners in all grades struggling with very basic reading skills. In most of the cases the learning barrier can be changed with consistent reading in class and at home. We therefore wish to implore all our boys and girls as well as our parents to encourage every child to read every single day ( Monday to Friday). 

It is a life skill that if left unattended will come back to harm the academic development of any child. Parents, please speak about this in your family time.


`The greatest good we can do for others is not to share our riches with them, but to reveal their own`- Benjamin Disraeli.


I am always hungry and will die if not fed, but if you water me, I’ll die. What am I?