On Friday the 15 March 2024, learners received their special incentives in a general assembly of learners. The recipients were as follows

Top collector : Conner Visagie – who was awarded a television for collecting the most money on his surf walk collecting list. 

Top Collecting class : The learners in grade 1C received a free civvies day and the class teacher was awarded a sweet hamper.

The winners of the sweet hamper: These were learners who were part of the group that collected R150. The lucky winners were : Keziah Jacobs (Gr 4B), Aroosh Jacobs (Gr 1B), Imaan Fortuin (Gr 5C)

The winners of the food hampers: These were learners who collected R500 and more. The lucky winners were.Tyrese Jack ( Gr 1A), Isabella Daintre (Gr 2C)

Learners who received a spur meal:

Malacia Joyce, Conner Visagie, Tyrese Jack, Arabella Adams, Sancia Boodjies, Riyaan Anthony, Diego Collins, Isabella Daintree, Muindeen Mc White, Shan Cario Moosa, Joshua DeKlerk, Tylow Smith, Zara Wildeman, Brihana Farmer, Kiara Darries, Jesse Jacobs.


All learners at school will receive their reports on Wednesday 20 March 2024 @ 11:00.


Kindly note the early dismissal times and make the necessary transport arrangements.

Date Grade Time
18 – 19 March 2024 Grade R 13:00
1- 3 13:00
4-7 13:15
20 March 2024 ALL  11:00


We wish to make a special appeal to all our learners and parents to ensure that our boys and girls remain safe during the vacation. Learners must inform their parents and guardians as to their whereabouts at all times. Learners making their way to the beach or near water activities are also reminded to take extra precautions as accidents around water happen so quickly.


Term 1 has been a busy term with highlights galore. Our boys and girls have conducted themselves in the majority exceptionally well. 

Regrettably some learners need to re-think their current trends and actions when interacting with other learners. This is our call to parents: When you are alerted that a discipline problem is rearing its head, deal with the matter. The school will assist in this regard.

A huge thank you to the loyal parents, who understand the pluralism and complexity of school life and are able to, regardless of perceptions, support the school. We thank you greatly. Wishing all parents and learners well during the Easter tide. Parents and learners who are fasting all of the best to you as well.


A cowboy rode to an inn on Wednesday. He stayed two nights and left on Wednesday. How could that be?


`Learn from success and failure. The best way to establish a new and powerful personal philosophy is to objectively review the conclusions you’ve drawn about life.` – Jim Rohn