Our School

Foreword from our Principal

Our school has undergone an array of transformational phases since its inception in 1963.

Many dedicated leaders, teachers and learners have shaped how our school is perceived and interacted with by many stakeholders. Our school motto “We Strive Forward”  “Ons Strewe Voorentoe” has galvanised or collective efforts to ensure that we remain relevant as an organisation as we prepare our learners for a diversified future.

We have celebrated many achievements over the years and I am sure that our future will be even brighter. We have forged strong business and professional relationships with service providers and business partners whom we have taken along with us on this process.

I wish to encourage every learner at our school to set high standards and to believe in themselves. The opportunities presented to you at Delta Primary will certainly mould and forge you, for a future which will be challenging but equally exciting. Set goals and hold yourself accountable to achieve the goals you have set.

Yours in education

Mr H. Palanyandi


Our History

Delta Primary School have a rich history.  It officially opened its doors within the greater Retreat and Steenberg communities in 1963.

On 02 October 2014 new additions to the school buildings and facilities were officially handover by Minister Debbie Schäfer. 

Help us fill in the gaps, and plot the history of the school by contributing your knowledge and articles via our enquiry form.

School Vision & Mission

Through diligence and perseverance, we shall strive to nurture, foster and develop the full potential of everybody to ensure the prosperity of a stable, harmonious society.

  1. Providing top quality cost-effective education combining academics, sports and cultural activities in a healthy manner.
  2. Giving every child the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.
  3. Providing a happy and positive learning environment, promoting traditional South African values.
  4. Dedicate and commit ourselves to the educational, spiritual and social upliftment of our pupils and community.
  5. Strive to inculcate and uphold human dignity and moral values.
  6. Promote the mutual co-operation between our school and our school community for the benefit of our society.
  7. Strive to develop a safe, secure and healthy environment conducive to learning.
  8. Recognise the culture and religious difference of others and inculcate the respect and tolerance thereof.
    Strive to enlighten and empower our pupils and community.
  9. Inculcate the respect and appreciation of our environment and natural resources.
  10. Inculcate respect and obedience for the law of our country.

Social Partners

We would like to express thanks and appreciation to the following organisations who so kindly support the school with much needed donations, services and support.

School Core Values

School Strategic Objectives

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